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Today we will be updating a static HTML site that I developed last year.

See a professional front-end developer at work. Unscripted. Mistakes included.

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  1. Brandon Smith

    Question: You work on multiple sites built and deployed in many different ways. How do you you keep straight in your head how everything works. For instance I don't know when the last time you worked on this particular site was but lets say its been 6 months, after cloning the project how do you remember that this particular one is built with gulp. How do you remember what steps gulp is running and what you need to do manually? How do you remember this one is deployed with flight plan? I understand you can look just look at the files and see there is a gulp.js or look at the package.json to see what scripts to run. I'm not familiar with flight plan (I assume its similar to DeployHQ) but you didn't use npm run fly production so I assume that's not in the package.json. You seemed to remember all this right away, is it just because you worked on it recently or do you have a good strategy to keep everything straight with all the different projects?

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