Becoming a Better Programmer, Without Actually Programming

One thing important to becoming a better programmer is immersion. Ryan Johnson explains that it is the invisible step to becoming a great developer.

Talk by Ryan Johnson at the OKC# meetup. Thanks to Ryan and Techlahoma for giving us permission to share.

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  1. Daulam Das

    I'm form India I'm not focus my goal.. My Dream Android Developer. How can do achieve my goal I Love programming but i can't force start programming how to remove this habit please suggest me….!

  2. foo-dogsquared

    I very much agree on learning by immersion. I've heard about this on one of the episode of Syntax podcast and this is what I'm doing right now as an aspiring programmer. Follow some good figures on the industry on Twitter, join some Discord chat groups on programming, and it inspires you to do some more side projects. So yeah, a good refresher.

  3. Vaibhav

    Skinny jeans….oh god i would look like a chicken in them

  4. Novak

    You are not a programmer if you only do front end. End od story

  5. Felix C

    This is so inspiring:

    Alexa, play Despacito.

  6. Madars Bišs

    1. Exercise, Eat healthy and Sleep well, so you feel energized and your mind is revitalized.
    2. Read, Play Chess, Solve Riddles (Sudoku, Rubik's cube, etc) to train your logic and problem solving skills.

  7. Siddharth M

    Hats off man!! Giving a talk on something which you're still new to, is a big dare. You have my utmost respect for that. Keep rocking and keep learning. 🙂

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