Behemoth – Cinematic Trailer | The Game Awards 2022

Watch this new VR trailer for Metaquest of Behemoth, a game set in a Nordic land where you must fight for your survival.


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  1. Naimastè

    Please tell me its not all first person!!! But has 3rd too like Skyrim .

  2. LMS

    Ah… a VR game.. so this will look like 007 golden eye when its released

  3. Dimi

    Can't wait for that crisp 480p at 10fps

  4. Rui Saraiva

    Shadow of colossus VR 😎👊 it’s about time!

  5. Tiffles

    Really cool concept, but I'd be wary of this VR stuff.

  6. Don Juan

    Calling it now this game is going to be absolute dogshit

  7. Jack Reaper

    Podría estar interesante, pero no tengo mucha confianza a la Tecnología VR (principalmente porque los controles me parecen una completa bosta y sumamente imprecisos).

    Habrá que ver qué tal esta el producto final, pero sería bueno si el VR fuera solo una opción y no algo obligatorio para jugarlo.

  8. Fetor

    imagine wasting your time and money on a game where so few people have VR lol.

  9. Laionidas

    Shadow of the Colossus meets Antonio Banderas?

  10. ChrisW

    This in the extended monsterverse?!

  11. Ángel Rivera

    looks like the child of a crazy passion night between skyrim and shadows of the colossus

  12. Maxime Roux

    Is that Sam Witwer's voice ? If so, can't wait to play this game with Darth Maul's voice!

  13. Rob Fraser

    Why does the description call the game Metaquest of Behemoth?

  14. Ran Kong

    Make the grappling hook fancier, make more giants, you will have Attack on Titan.

  15. Darrin Elliot

    “Wow a cinematic trailer I’m hyped for” said no one ever 😴

  16. Tyler C

    I'm not a VR person so the fact this seems to be VR only realllly dissapointed me

  17. Harold Garrett

    there is exactly 0% chance it looks anything like this on release

  18. Iskold

    Akephalos, shine through me. Come forth in war. Come forth in peace. Bring down the sun. Extinguish all the stars. Let me remain, in splendor of thy light.

  19. DeLeRiva

    Skyrim, plus shadow of the colossus, plus Spider-Man, plus walking dead? You got my attention

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