Bendy and the Dark Revival – Official Trailer

Sequel to Bendy and the Ink Machine, Bendy and the Dark Revival has debuted a new trailer. Packed with action-oriented gameplay and puzzles, discover the terrifying secrets the game has to offer. Bendy and the Dark Revival launches on November 15th on Steam with a PlayStation and Xbox release coming soon.

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  1. Question, is this game before Henry comes to the workshop or after Henry got out of the workshop

  2. 鳥山

    Where is Nintendo switch version?

  3. AtlasImVibin

    seeing the actual Bendy at the end made me aw cuz how cute Bendy is looking at us

  4. Guesnty

    the first few seconds kinda feel like a movie ngl

  5. VerLOW

    this is a bendy version of security breach

  6. Круто выглядят детализированные чернильные элементы на фоне мультяшного окружения, прям сразу внимание обращаешь, хочется смотреть на них

  7. Joseph Amaya

    This is sick man it looks like they actually trying to make this scary to I'm invested

  8. YouTubeGamer17

    I'm going to make a feature film called 'High School Shooting the Musical' in 2024

  9. Kevin Blaze

    Ima bet Lil bendy turns into the Bendy we all know

  10. Paq_

    If Bioshock and Cuphead had a baby they would name it Bendy

  11. Alam JR

    after 3 years of imagining how normal bendy will looked like in game….i’ve finally seen it

  12. Rowena Crane

    I've been wanting to mention this but the date is the same day as when the earth population hits 8 billion (estimated by Google)

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