BenQ EL2870U Review: Affordable 4K “HDR”? Maybe NOT, Watch Before You Buy

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Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed
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BenQ EL2870U Review: Affordable 4K “HDR”? Maybe NOT, Watch Before You Buy

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Edson Campos

    This guy was payed to put this monitor down… he said cheap like 16 times lol…

  2. Anthony Chopra

    i got mine but planing to send it back i think. it is now managerble with changing setting in the osd but defo the company with amazon lied in the description about the HDR since on my Windows10 in settings it had No HDR options button at all. tho my laptop dose have it for its own screen.

    thanks for the video its a good clear video i hope others see this vid as its really good and more companys need to be called out for crating fake descriptions and junk

  3. Tsukino

    Have had mine since 2 years now, from ps4 pro to ps5, it’s still going strong. It does have low color compared to a IPS but remember this is a gaming Monitor, looks crisp and clear on any game. Also 60hz isn’t too bad especially on ps5 when it’s consistent compared to ps4 pro.

  4. Birdie P

    If you got a ps5 this is the one you want. I know 4 people who have this including me, and no one ever complains. The 4K is dope af!!!!

  5. Benito Camelas

    Is this a good monitor for pictures? I don’t care about games.

  6. Shubham Gorade

    😀I don't mind bezels if i'm getting good display. Bezel less shit is over rated. And those bezel less monitors/tvs are flimsy and fragile.

  7. Loz D

    I'm currently using 2 x Dell U2311H (I did have 3 of them, but the cap leaked on one and needs repairing). The bezel on this BenQ looks similar to the Dell – I can't see it being a problem, tbh. For the price, it's to be expected.

  8. GaminTrucker 101

    I buying this for console gaming, not professional photo editing or high refresh rate PC gaming.

  9. Volts 370

    I got it on discount for 150$ and 3 year user error warranty

  10. Parsa Motlagh

    they are not making a lot affect you are trying to suppress this model

  11. Parsa Motlagh

    for monitors need at least 300nits brighness for hdr. for tv need 600nits. so it not fake hdr its just cheap. stop lying

  12. K

    Heap of shit review

  13. Prasanth Sekar

    Does it have better refresh rate at 1080p ?
    Or is it capped at 60hz for all resolutions

  14. Ezy

    Assume the rival company paid you to absolutely rip this apart in a review?

  15. just_ nikicha

    Hey i have a question if I lower the resolution can I use more hertz ? Like 1080p 144hz ?

  16. Zuse

    For us broke people it’s more then enough specially for the price

  17. F0 Fuchsia

    It runs for around $250 on sale and $300 wholesale as of the beginning of 2022…

  18. Leopard 96

    I'll buy it am not gonna listen ur bulls*t it's affordable not like ur all monitor ur review monitors are expensive asf

  19. Joyson Wildhart

    god fucking shit. i just paid $250 for this and now i have to try and cancel or return it fuck. 38ms input lag? what the fuck

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