Best Affordable Luxury Watch – Islander Has Entered The Chat

Today we are featuring the release of our latest model, the Islander Melville. With it’s hammered dial texture and useful GMT feature, the Melville will gladly play the part of wrist companion. The feature list is amazing! Sapphire crystal, automatic Seiko GMT movement, screwdown crown, 100M water resistance, 6:00 date, optional steel bracelet, customized rotor. . . oh, and amazing lume!

Check out the Islander Melville today:

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  1. @hugejohnson5011

    Glancing quickly makes me see a Patek Phillipe look going on. I like the black dial.

  2. @47trea

    the blue dial is gorgeous, like a ocean

  3. @barclt01

    That is an awesome watch! The only thing that would make it better is the Miyota 9075 so it’s a true GMT sports watch!!!!

  4. @darkeye77

    This is EXCELLENT. I think this is the one that's going to make me a customer.

  5. @shj2000

    Nice to see a GMT in something other than a dive watch! Congratulations

  6. @scottsj4625

    Great looking watches. The price seems reasonable too. I like the blue, really nice dial. The grey one looks like it will be hard to see the time with these old eyes. The black one is nice too. Best of luck selling them.

  7. amazing pieces! the dial, and the lume🤩It's a pity for the import taxes here in Italy though☹

  8. @angelo4670

    My office is in Melville. Beautiful watch, amazing price. But what is the fascination with GMTs?

  9. @djomanchester

    Stunning looking watch and great price. Grey hammer my favourite 👏 👏 👏

  10. @johnbrooks241

    Wow Mark, that is a really pretty watch! Congrats to the team!!

  11. @cm9186

    Just ordered, really excited for it – that blue dial is an absolute stunner

  12. @Rm9sbG93ZXJz

    Love the blue and black but why no number on the outer local time? Also no drilled lugs ?

  13. @danieljones3683

    I'm going to have to ask you to stop making watches I want. Please!! I haven't bought all the other Islanders I want yet. Just kidding, great job on this one. Keep up the good work.


    I've been hoping for something like this since I found Islander. Bought it off the txt msg as soon as I got it. Love the hammer finish divers, but 40mm is too small for my wrist. Keep making these 42mm plus sizes for us bigger guys 🙏

  15. @R023N

    The lume looks great; however you should've lumed something for the GMT track to help tell where the GMT hand is pointing.

  16. @commandZee

    Very cool–that lume is neat. I'm happy to see the case back starting to look more sophisticated. May I suggest that if you ever decide to put a more ornate design on the rotor that you do another viewer competition?

  17. @finesse49

    40mm with a skinny bezel is unwearable for me. I would have been all over a 36mm.

  18. @MichaelAguila

    Congratulations on another great release. Your new models are really killing it this year. 💪

  19. @herbparsi9492

    This is officially my dream watch… I’m a collector with Tanks, oyster perpetual, orient Bambino, etc but this by far is the complication and very look I am in the market for! Thanks!

  20. @FTM3CA69

    I just added a rider to my insurance policy to cover my watches and realized that all but two of them have blue dials. I I really like the blue dial on this one! It's one good looking watch with very nice features for the price.

  21. @TheDreamerLB

    Just ordered the black one, first of all because it's beautiful! Second, to show appreciation and say thanks!

  22. @antoombom9584

    I like the general designs of your watches however sadly I just cannot stand the logo. Doesn’t match with the style of the watch and makes them look cheap tbh😭😭😭

  23. @kmahan2006

    Just curious, can engraving be done on sapphire on the back? Thinking of groomsmen gifts . . . . .

  24. @rsheaney

    Love that blue one, would really like a red/crimson (not maroon/burgundy) version of this watch or any watch. Red dials are lacking in the market.

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