Best Bluetooth Speaker for $20 ?

Best Bluetooth Speaker for $20 ?

Is this the best Bluetooth speaker for under $20? The sound is pretty good and its small compact and lightweight. Its has great sound and lovely bass which is not overpowering.

VEENAX PS -10 Mini Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Enhanced Bass

Built-in Microphone, Handfree Call, 6 Hr Playtime, works with iPhone iPad Samsung Phones Laptop etc

UK: RDQWK8Y7 20% off
USA: LB9UER6C 30% off



Electro-Light – Symbolism [NCS Release]

Disfigure – Blank [NCS Release]


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  1. 王磊—Raunak

    the other day one of my colleague left a bluetooth speaker at my desk, no doubt to prank me somehow, unfortunately it disconnected and his phone played through phone speakers, you can imagine the embarrassment lol.

  2. Raptor

    The design of the speaker is cool!

  3. steky92

    You should take a look at anker portable speakers. Got myself soundcore 2 on sale for 30$, it is just amazing.
    Defiantly worth the money.

  4. Lance Ripplinger

    I bought the Oontz Angle 3 Ultra from Amazon Prme for $40, and the thing is amazing. It beats the pants off of the Bose Sound Color II (that thing sells for $200!) imho. This little speaker you looked at here is not bad for $20.

  5. danielgartin6993

    I have a Bluetooth speaker as well, Mine's even waterproof and shockproof

  6. Abu Laith

    The reviews on Amazon for this product is unreliable.

  7. Patrick McDonald

    Hi Bri nice little speaker but your choice of music surprised 😱me a little well the first track did 🙉 I just thought you might have been an R&B man from the sound of your voice lol but I'm in the market for a small Bluetooth speaker so that is on my list now cheers m8

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