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Best Dark Theme for Windows 10

Best Dark Theme for Windows 10

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Looking for a cool free dark theme for windows 10? Windows 10 does have a dark theme built in, but its not the best, so if you want to add a custom them, then you can use Windows blinds and a theme of your choice. Remember to always make a restore point and backup all your data when doing a custom windows them.

How to Install Custom Themes and Visual Styles in Windows
Head over to wincustomize and download windowblinds and why your there search for Dark Mode. Then just choose a wallpaper of your choice.

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Tony Stark

    nah!!!! this facility was available in next version of windows 10 (1809) .

  2. BinBurr

    How about Rainmeter .. and how to show the temperature of the PC …

  3. Nice video Brian! Stardock windows blinds and some of there other programs like start 8/10 fences even there multiplicity 3 pro kvm software is really neat too' Thank you for sharing it with us.😎👍JP

  4. Ross Schneider

    Have to tell you, for whatever negatives that people raise about Win10, I have had the absolute best experience using it compared to any version previous (going all way back to 3.11). Your channel and especially content like this, just makes using this OS more and more enjoyable. Thank you so much. 😁👍👍👍

  5. Eady Elias

    ThemePack and iconPack for 1803 build please?! ☺

  6. JediBhuddist

    Thanks Brian.. Im gonna donate my Optrtex© budget to your Website.

  7. Joe Black

    where do i find that custom file you added to window blinds?

  8. Joe Black

    maybe,i need to clarify….where did you download the dark theme file,that you added to window blinds?

  9. Robert Trebor

    You gotta pay for this??? You should've said that in your MISLEADING title for the video and I Guarantee you'd get 90% less views.Click-bait man …

  10. THRL

    I purchased last year the After Dark CC windows theme from cleodesktop's gumroad store, so far I'm happy with the regular updates

  11. 101AOK

    You know, you don't have to always create a spot…you can just NOT ….one day or so…. really…we would not hold it against you…mate. Just sayin…..Better thought./…. By popular demand we are showing a previous piece. Or should I spell it out…? Sorry,…I already feel wrong…not totally.

  12. Umar Khan

    Windows insider has already dark mode built in, that changes nearly everything

  13. Hello. I'm new to your channel and like your videos. But I need some help.. You see I have sold my Macbook Air and will be shipping it this wednesday. I have literally 3 days to look for a good, affordable Windows 10 laptop that won't break the bank (around £500 or thereabouts) and in particular one that matches the performance and features of my MBA such as backlit keyboard, 11-13 inches max, low fan noise and an equivalent if not better performance with a 2014 Intel i5. Any recommendations? WOuld highly appreicate it.

  14. Jay

    Can we theme windows 10 for free with no virus etc

  15. dubb

    does this slow down performance tho?

  16. Mark

    why does this video have to be 10 fuckin minutes

  17. exlibrisas

    I have to use fishy third party theme patchers, then look for updated versions of favorite dar themes in Deviantart, all of this is pain in the ass. I usually use "Penumbra" or "Grey" themes found on Deviantart. It changes explorer too. But I heard next Window update might bring first party dark theme.
    By the way, love dark Youtube theme. Always use it.

  18. df3yt

    Chose the dark theme and Explorer is still bright white…guess it's back to Linux.

  19. Danny Berry

    In the windows insider builds when you set dark mode it also changes the background of all screens to dark like when you pull up file explorer

  20. Owen Tan

    It’s not free …..only 30days……Fuck off

  21. Olli Ruohomäki

    That dark desktop theme look very nice but keeping it simple is my thing. That is not to install any UI-tweakers. For me the real strain to eyes comes from staring too much at the bright white background of a document or a browser. You can make them go to the dark side by selecting Start > Settings > Personalization > Colors > High contrast colors > High contrast black. Just edit the color scheme to shade that bright white a bit towards gray. After that you can still put that nice wooden planking on your desktop.

  22. btakesa

    You make it difficult to follow by constantly moving the cursor over the screen, have no idea what you are clicking on, just keep cursor stationary and only move to part to click. Your talking with the cursor and it makes it to hard.

  23. Fidelity

    Can you tell me which song is playing in the background?

  24. dear britec09, i want to ask you, is at win 10 enterprise the dark theme still there? because i literally can't find it, please help, thank you

  25. Macgre Bell

    darker theme is easy on the eyes.. also, I use FolderChanger to further improve the overall look and feel. Google FolderChanger

  26. Helgen X

    Windowblinds, really? What is this, 2001 with Windows XP?! UXTheme and DeviantArt, that's all you need.

  27. :

    I use Elegre
    Its free but it takes some more effort to apply because it changes a bit more than the installer you showed. Totally worth it though

  28. Gabriel Siqueira

    Esse WindowBlinds e uma bosta nem percam tempo cm esse video, a menos q queiram pagar por essa ferramenta.

  29. Appolo P

    Brian, when I'm on my google page, its white, when I search for something on google, the next page is dark. Any ideas on how to make that second google page white? Thanks!

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