Best Desk Setup Ep. 28 – These Laptop Setups are too Clean!

Welcome to episode 28 of the Best Laptop Setups. In this episode we have a bunch of super clean and productivity based setups! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your own personal setup at home.

Submit your laptop setup by sending it to! Make sure the photos are in 16:9 aspect ratios. The nicest setups will be picked. Thanks.

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  1. Khairi

    The professors setup. Those speakers are Kanto Yu2 right? Not 'budget' like he was saying.

  2. obs3dian

    I can't wait to build my own setup, looking for an office space..

  3. Andrew S.

    I like the last one the best. I need to find those monitor stands. Sorry Matt, l am not on tik tok or Instagram. Social media is the devil's tool, lol.

  4. Nirmal Kumar

    I like the second setup he made everything go right with a Laptop bro. Man its good.

  5. SM

    That Italian guy setup is so beautiful

  6. Lionel Tumang

    Love watching ung videos from the Philippines…@lioneltumang

  7. Nathan Nguyen

    Damn man. I really need to get a better desk setup, since I'm remote work.

    My room's a bit small, so I don't really know how to design it and make it look nice… making things look nice is not my forte

  8. Clyde Dabucol

    I really like the professor's setup. It is just so clean. @clydeehhh

  9. Lunario72

    Sai is a friend of mine! I've seen his journey and progress with his set-up and the changes he had with it along the way. He made a 3D render of that exact setup before it actually came to be. Really nice and cool he got featured here!

  10. Sekara

    The table I used was just a cheap (but surprisingly sturdy) table I bought online for PHP2,199.00 (about $40 USD). Thanks for the feature Matt!

  11. Michael Stanton

    I need a "Halp my ugly set up" series, because I'm in need of help. These setups make mine look like I'm a slob.

  12. Larry

    Daniels setup is my favorite, has a nice vibe to it. Doesn't feel like a surgery room like the last one. @larrytraber

  13. New Tech

    I love the last Setup ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  14. New Tech

    I love the last Setup ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  15. Mister Disguise

    I really like the professor's look.
    Very minimalist, eye pleasing and cozy place to work in.

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