Best Free Open Source Alternatives to Paid Apps!

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▣ “HowToPersonalize” App:

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▣ Stremio

▣ Stremio Community Addons List

▣ NextDNS

▣ Rethink

▣ XManager

▣ Gadgetbridge

▣ Fossify Apps

▣ ColorBlendr

▣ OnlyOffice

▣ Microsoft Lens

▣ OSS Document Scanner
0:00 Streaming Services
1:00 Blocking Ads
3:30 XManager
3:54 Gadget Bridge
6:29 Personalization
9:38 Monet Theming
10:23 Simple Apps
12:08 Office Documents
12:47 Scanner


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  1. @danbogart

    As a long time stremio user, stop socializing it please. You are going to ruin it for everyone, just like you did with Cloudstream.

  2. @devansh2895

    Best and most useful video yet. Keep making this stuff bro. Nice one.

  3. @MrTylerbenson

    Why dont you make a website and post these there.
    All you are doing is bringin unwanted attention to amazing tools.
    You will be the reason they are taken down.

    Whens your next
    "Discover these super secret beaches" video be

  4. @rocky.c.s

    Please change the thumbnail , don't make them popular..

  5. @aleksiz15

    Been using Stremio for 1 year now, and I don't have any subscription any more to any streaming service.

  6. @rahaaatul

    Some things should always be hidden, and should be found privately.

    Simply put, you are ruining those apps.

  7. @DpKris

    Well done. Can you do one exclusively for browsers in phone?

  8. @EJ0107

    I appreciate these kind of videos. There is always one app i take from these videos.

  9. Found your channel a few months ago, and man you make awesome content. We love it definitely and this series of open source apps is one of the best I would say. I approve your content as an android guy. Keep going mate .

  10. @addy7445

    Free apps❌️ Unlocked modded apks of paid apps✅️

  11. @ironside7991

    Tried to get GadgetBrigde and DAMN. Im surprised it didn't want a copy of my house keys too😂. I deleted right away. Why do you need access my contacts and my gallery?

  12. @LightslicerGP

    I use libreoffice, has a ton of customization, but never tried that version, might be better!
    Libreoffice does have like 6 different catagories, sheets, docs, drawing, and some others, so that might be better, not sure

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