Best Gaming Laptops for $1000 – Which Ones to Buy? Which to Avoid?

Dave2D comparison of the best gaming laptops in 2017 that are cheaper. Comparing build quality, gaming performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life.

Dell 7567 –
Acer VX15 –
Lenovo Y520 –
HP Omen –
Asus GL553 –
MSI GE62 –
Sabre 15 –

Individual Reviews:
Dell 7567 –
Acer VX15 –
Lenovo Y520 –
Gigabyte Sabre 15 –
HP Omen –
Asus GL553 –

Replacing panels on your laptops can void warranty. Do your research on your particular laptop model/panels. There are lots of good panel options =) GL!

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  1. Dave2D

    Hope you guys enjoy this video! The vibes in here are always awesome =) Thanks for all the love 2D fam…

  2. for gmail

    3 years ago I used this video to choose my laptop and now I’m back here because my laptop died. Time flies man

  3. Nix

    Uh.. 1:15 don't worry it's just 256Gb😐

  4. Sona

    We demand 2020 version of this video!!! ☹😍

  5. Axel

    dell has the worst keyboard i think i got the one thats white back lit

  6. jgolden1309

    Dave: Your just not gonna find an 800 dollar laptop that’s super thin, has amazing battery, and amazing performance.

    2020 Acer Nitro 5: Ima bout to end this whole mans career

  7. jgolden1309

    If your watching this in 2020 do NOT get any of these. There’s a big difference in the gaming laptop market from 2017 to now. If your looking now check the Acer Nitro 5 2020 version.

  8. Nick Hardenberg

    Thank you so much, I need a laptop for school I'm going to buy one of these!

  9. y n

    do a similar video with a budget of $2000

  10. Epic Media

    I have The same Lenovo , but With core i7 and GTX 1060ti

  11. K

    WTF 216 TB Storage

  12. Amar G

    Have asus gl753vd. 17 inch laptop. It feels like the world in my hands. Sometimes we have to go for the best, confidence level will be on a different level.

  13. gigalisto

    For me i rlly dont care about battery life and how thin but performence matters alot for me

  14. can i ask sir lenovo ideapad gaming 3 intel core i5 10th gen GTX 1650ti is enough for engineering student?

  15. Triston Line

    Need a refreshed video of this! But next year… 🙂


    One of the Best , Awesome, Amazing, Super Video of the Youtube. I love these kind of videos too much. I love Laptops too much……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Pizza

    omg,..i forgot to say thank you

    thanks dave

    after watch this video and some of your video like

    "Review Dell Inspiron 7567 – Laptop Gaming GTX 1050 $800"

    now, i have this laptop about 2 years,..and i happy about it

    has gaming feel but still good if to go to work, office meeting, or formal occasion

  18. Ravi Peiris

    Interesting how in the first 30 seconds of Daves' comments were incorrect, as of me writing this comment in March 2021, with AMD's 4000/5000 series of processors giving us powerful, thinner and longer battery charged notebooks.

  19. 9x9 Gaming

    I care a lot about graphics, although I won’t use it for anything but Roblox and Minecraft RTX
    If it’s intel, I want 10th gen or better. If and I need 4000 series +
    Ram, I don’t care about, as I can probably upgrade later.
    My ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM budget is 1150 uk pounds. Using the US figures for me would of set the laptop because companies won’t inflate the cost in between currencies too much.
    I am not a pc noob, I know a lot about hardware. Recommend a laptop to me plz I really want one.

  20. Bought Dell 7567 3 1/2 yrs ago after watching this video and never regretted it. Thanks Dave 😉 i would like you to do one more video for 2021 please do it if possible 🙏😇🙌

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