Best Laptop for Dorm Room Chefs!

🛒 👉 Acer Predator Helios Neo 18 (RTX 4080):

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    Thanks for using metric and bashing imperial shit, i like that

  2. @jkhuv87t53

    Amazing advertising 😂

    Quick question though, how good of an investment would a Thinkpad X13 gen 4 with AMD be?

  3. @LeonisYT

    Also for those who don't know 135°F is literally the perfect temperature for a mid rare steak

  4. @kimaomorov2721

    Please, please give us laptops from previous generations that we can buy used

  5. @HayJace36

    Couldn't tell if this was a promotional vidro or a roast lmao

  6. @amirhossein2004

    One of best laptop reviewer channel with huge sense of humor 🤣 make more this shorts🎉

  7. @pokemon9573

    I’ll tell my parents it’s a stove, technically not lying

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