Best Laptop for Programming in 2023: ULTIMATE Guide

For Students and Profressionals: What makes a GREAT Coding Laptop! Programming Laptops List: …


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  1. Mr Perfect Cell

    Holy cow the follow up video is gonna go crazy though. If I was your mother, I would be very proud.

  2. Shahriar Hakim

    yeah josh, do a video for us who want a 16 inch screen, no numpad

  3. Sarthak Tiwari

    I’d love to see a 16 inch version as well, just because those tend to strike a better balance between performance and portability in my opinion. Also many amazing laptops are only available in one size

    But thank you for the video! And I applaud your dedication to trying out every laptop before you fully recommend it

  4. Walter Mitty

    Josh, you're videos are superb and I look forward to them. You asked for our reactions as to whether your pacing is too fast. With all due respect, I find that you speak about as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. If you went any faster, it would be too fast. When you show graphics during your presentations, I sometimes find that you don't leave them up for quite long enough and I have been unable to really digest the info in the graphic. Please accept these comments in the spirit with which they were intended: you really do a very fine job.

  5. Perfect speed for people that are not losing their hearing faculties, fast, as my mom is 😉

  6. Alexander Jee

    Add the Lenovo LEGION slim 7 on the list. Great video as usual.

  7. Panos Nord

    Great video! Please make an additional video on 16" laptops

  8. Doufmech

    I would really avoid apple's M1 and M2 for coding. There are so many issues when coding, especially with multithreading. A lot of my fellow students have been unable to get some of their to work on a M1/M2 done. One course in particular, assigned us (for the exam) to make a matrix library for C, and importantly benchmark and evaluate multithreaded vs singlethreaded code. Unfortunately for the Macbook users, no one was able to parallelize their code. This obviously affected their grade.

  9. Wilko van Zyl

    Great video! Would like to know what 14" you would recommend that has exceptional and sturdy design and is reasonably portable? Asus g14 or x1 carbon? Or is the mac so good that I should pay $300 more? thanks

  10. Mr Perfect Cell

    For the past 6 months, I've been looking into buying a laptop and figuring a lot of stuff out. Josh is easily one of the better reviewers I've come across since he actually explains how things are going to affect you instead of just listing the specs or something which I could've literally found out by reading it on any website myself. I really appreciate the spreadsheet too btw. Like A LOT. And thank you sooooooo much for including the warning part, those make life a lot easier. And also, macbooks seem to have pretty decent pricing these days but they make you pay a lot more if you want higher ram and storage and they don't let you upgrade those later on, so that's something to consider as well.

  11. Tommy Halfniger

    Before i start coding i had legion y540. It was a good laptop but i sold it and switch to thinkpad e14 gen3. It's a great laptop, decent amd processor, 16gb ram, 1.25tb storage. Physical switch for camera and track point (love this one). I recommend everyone to search for a used thinkpad e series.

  12. Engifaar Liu

    I code on a few thinkpad X1 Carbons. Solid battery life, display and powerful enough for what i'm doing. It has support for Debian Linux. I would highly recommend a new programmer to pick up a refurbished model if they are on a budget. Intel 8th to 10th CPUs doesn't make much of a difference. But if some level of graphics is required, intel 11th and 12th gen would be more than enough with the Xe IGP.

  13. Not a coder but Josh's reviews are the most practical and his criteria are the best ones for every day use for 100%!

  14. Luiz Junior

    I usually watch videos at 1.5x speed anyway, so you can talk slower if you want to, that only means that when someone wants a faster approach they will speed it up more

  15. Thanks for another amazing video, Josh!

    Since you explicitly asked about it: I watch your videos at 1.6x speed, or else I find them really hard to follow.

  16. Jim Kanaris

    Thanks Josh! All your videos are very informative! Currently, I'm loving my Dell XPS 15 (9530), which didn't receive a rave review from you. In fact, I have the model that you'd rate an unfortunate mistake (i9 with FHD!). In any case, I was quite surprised by the device since I own a 16" M1 Pro, which I of course love! I've been gaming and doing some content creation on it. I'm not sure what it is but, being an unhappy XPS owner in the past, this particular model and configuration is blowing me away. It works flawlessly (for now), which is saying a lot. I know Dell isn't hugely popular with the tech community right now, but, as a tech-savvy individual, I'm not experiencing any buyer's remorse, which is all one can really ask for these days. Cheers! And keep up the great work! 🙏

  17. Akshay Singh

    hey Josh thanks for the video, kindly do for 16 inch as well, i find 14 inch too small for myself.

  18. Luiz Junior

    What amazing timing, I'm atually shopping for a new laptop this weekend haha

  19. Kemish Lloyd

    The used market for ThinkPads is also a good place to look depending on how tight your budget is. I just got a T480 with an 8th Gen i5, 16GB of RAM , a 1080p screen and a 512GB SSD for $140. It didn’t come with a charger but that’s okay because it charges via USB C.

  20. Kiel Vostro

    I thought AI apologists said that coding is dead and ChatGPT will do everything for them? Companies will no longer have employees because the CEO can do everything because of ChatGPT 🤣

  21. wlcrutch

    Josh, something that would be helpful with this specific topic: linux compatibility. The program I am studying requires Unix, so that that’s either Macos or linux. Given the high prices for macbooks, it would be nice to know how well these pcs you recommend function under a linux. 😊

  22. kairyon Aznable

    13 years experience? Learned on an Apple II? Man i thought you were like 28 or something xD

  23. Matthias Bauer

    Loved the video, thank you!
    That said, I don't understand the comment regarding the Galaxy Book – the keyboard is pretty decent (at least for me). 🙂

  24. Loup Dorval

    Could you review the new samsung book3 pro laptops? 70+whrs battery, "3k" oled screens, decent speakers, 14 and 16 inch, decently powerful, no idea about the keyboard. They used to be 16/9 FHD but now that they have a 16/10 3K display line it seems to be an option for programming. the pro 360 with pen could be useful for class note taking, and drawing diagrams, that's the model I'm looking to buy, but there is a lack of non sponsored reviews, with lacking information about if they fixed the screen cracking problem

  25. Andrew Jazdzyk

    I bought the xps 13 plus because i needed something with more ram for my use-case and everything larger bloomed in price once you went into 32 GB of ram (or baffingly didnt have an option at all), though i did go straight to facebook marketplace and grab a cheap monitor. Things are surprisingly visible on that little screen though.

    Edit: also, my bioinfirmatics pipelines generally dont require a function row tbh

  26. chrisroibu

    For your target audience, I think the speed is fine. After all, we value time.

  27. victor utomo

    Need to code for iOS.
    Buy a MBA M1.
    Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy it with 16GB RAM in my country.
    So, 8GB it is.

  28. Lsvy

    For those who must use Docker extensively, like I do, just DON'T buy any of apple M-series, make yourself a favor. You will thank yourself later.

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