Best Laptop for Students!

Some cheaper laptop options for college and highschool students heading back to school this fall. Including both Chromebook and Windows options.
Backpack –
Acer R11 –
Dell Chromebook 13 –
Acer Aspire E15 –
Asus UX360 –
Lenovo 710S –
Dell 7559 –

More info:
Lenovo 710S –
Dell 7559 –
Surface Pro 4 –
Surface 3 –
Razer Blade Stealth –
Top 5 Ultrabooks –

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  1. BitSkulker

    16 GB of storage… my freaking boot drive has 60 GB and I've had this laptop for only a few weeks

  2. Grafality

    Thx for ideas! High school is a few years away for me. 2 years!

  3. KOLD

    Your recommendation sucked in this video because in school the most important thing is Microsoft apps which don't work in Chromebooks and that these laptops are too expensive for school

  4. Adnane Azami

    i swear chromebooks are nothing but looks, anything a chromebook can do can be done with a regural laptop.
    but not in reverse so why even??

  5. Clayton

    I'm curious how chromebooks opens word or powerpoint docs from a university's blackboard site. When you click on the document would it just automatically open in office online?

  6. Vanessa

    I wanted best school laptops not gaming laptops 😒

  7. Abliskarian

    Best laptop for students is ofc the Acer predator 21x…

  8. The pc king

    Dave can I've got a gaming laptop, some of my friends are saying that it's worthless for programming but for me it works perfectly, can you assure me that I am not wrong?..

  9. Laura Min

    The chromebook is perfect for my 11 year old.

  10. ebin belji

    Can you do something about an engineering student laptop which undergoes lot of drawing work and some gaming in the budget segment

  11. Can you please make a full video on best suitable laptops for architectural students, for real time rendering and bim based softwares like vray, lumion, revit, rhino, etc.

  12. Funny Facts

    Chromebook is stupid if you like a laptop that can't run any apps outside the google play can go on developers mode but its a lot of hassle and pure waste of time.they are good if u like trash…

  13. Daniel Jbaily

    I'm here to see a gd cheap laptop, it's 2020 and this video is 4 years old, that's how much broke I am

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