Best Laptops for 2022 – BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL!

In this video, i’ll tell you exactly, which laptop you should buy. Whether a budget shopper or someone with unlimited dollars to …


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  1. drew 876

    Sorry, never buying a windows PC again

  2. Triton516

    Thank you Josh for this excellent video, very usefulπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

  3. Rain Fall

    Josh, what about MSI Crosshair 15? Is it as good as these laptops?

  4. Anish Shrestha

    Such high quality video.
    Breaking down recommendations into categories.

    You just got a new subscriber.

  5. Rahul Suri

    hiii can you please talk about why you did not put asus tuf f15 (2022)

  6. MGD II

    m2 MacBook is my favorite, I'm using right now connected to a 32 inch monitor, and I don't wanna say I'm in love, but I'm in love.

  7. anh tran

    Excellent video. Thanks for your hard work. I wish you mentioned Thinkpad laptops like Thinkpad Z13/16, X1 extreme or Carbon.

  8. Stolidus

    great videos! add review for HP envy 360 please

  9. Ulikemyname

    Apple really won a lot of categories with the introduction of the M-series chips. They are absolutely amazing! Ofc other genuin upgrades like the stunning display with an industry leading brightness and ofc the pro-motion which is not just a regular 120hz but a variable one which also saves battery, battery efficiency which come with the M-series chips and so much more. Good job Apple!

  10. 3MAR00SS

    if you're buying a mac might as well just buy an Android tablet like the galaxy tab s7+ πŸ’€

  11. Kevin Heard

    Super video, as usual. hoping you have a happy holiday this weekend πŸ™‚

  12. 1BadVan

    I would also throw in the Hp Aero 13 for the budget laptops. Ryzen 7 5800u, 16gb of ram and 1tb ssd. Plus can get it with a 500 nit QHD display. It’s also virtually silent.

    We have the cheaper 5600u model with 8gb of ram for our kid for school and he absolutely loves it. Great battery life as well

  13. Jarrod'sTech

    Thanks for including me! Great video πŸ‘πŸ‘

  14. I feel like you should talk about the Asus zephyrus G14 cuz it is on sale for 900 dollars and you get a ryen 7 5800hs and rtx 3060. It is a very compelling deal indeed.

  15. Danny B

    Thanks for this great review! For the why not's, X1 Extreme Gen 5 & Carbon Gen 10, particularly for programmers.

  16. acchaladka

    For me I'd like your follow up video to cover the 2-in-1 market. I feel you may be skipping the normal office worker a bit too much – apple is never going to happen and my main concern is not budget – work is buying after all – but weight and function, i.e. Teams running alongside five open windows and a browser which the CPU doesn't love. I realize this is a boring discussion but I'd like to know if I am condemmned to the Surface pro or if Lenovo is a virtuous choice, etc.

  17. AB. Digital

    At your recommendation I am going to buy "Dell XPS 13 plus" this holiday season. Thanks Josh

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