You are currently viewing Best PC Controller [WINNERS] – Buyer’s Guide and PC Controller Reviews

Best PC Controller [WINNERS] – Buyer’s Guide and PC Controller Reviews

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Sony DualShock 4 ➡️

Microsoft Xbox One Controller – Editor’s Pick ➡️

Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller ➡️

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller ➡️

Valve Steam Controller ➡️

GameSir G3w ➡️

XBOX Design Lab ➡️

All these links will redirect you to Amazon (.com,, etc.) where you can view detailed photos, features, and the price in real-time.

We’ll be showing you the 6 best PC controllers in this video. Our picks are our honest opinion and they are based on the quality, durability, price among others.

These controllers are very good if you want to start to use a controller for PC gaming. We also have a buying guide at the end of the video, where we guide you through the things you need to look for when buying a controller.

If you don’t want to do that and simply want to go with our pick, then keep watching and buy the best controller for PC gaming NOW!

0:00 Intro
1:14 Sony DualShock 4
2:32 Microsoft Xbox One Controller
3:44 Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller
4:39 Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
5:58 Valve Steam Controller
8:02 GameSir G3w
9:42 Which Controller to Buy
10:54 Conclusion


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  1. I used almost every gamepad on pc. I didn't watch this video but i think Xbox One controller is the best controller for PC, because there is an elephant in the room. 🙂

  2. u2zero2u

    It depends on what type of game also for example on PC, for racing games like F1 2019, the Xbox 360 controller is much better than the Xbox one. I have them both and in F1 2019 driving with traction control off is much more difficult with the xbox one controller. I have the regular wired 360 controller and the Xbox one S controller.

  3. Kenichi Koay

    I have already have a controller, it's a ps4 controller

  4. Kainos Teleos

    I am surprised, that the NS Pro Controller is never making it on such lists. It's works pretty good, it's sturdy has good battery life (rechargeable), great ergonomics and works with many Games and platforms (Arc, Steam, Epic e.t.c.) by now (There are still exceptions). Steam even has a Pro controller emulation now. The only downside is the price honestly, and the fact that some few games don't support it yet. But Steam usually negates the later issue.

    I bought it without even having a Nintendo Switch and didn't regret it.

  5. Chris Heyward

    I'm really use to PS4 controllers but I mean it's really a personal preference imo.

  6. Mst id

    Hellllllooooo….excuse me….where is the Logitech F series controller???? For real why you dont put in to the list… funny

  7. Poglore

    I'm not very rough with my controllers so they last a long time. With that in mind having a replaceable (rechargeable) battery pack is a win, which means I probably won't need to replace the controller for a LONG time.

  8. andresisthename

    The Power A Fusion is really good wired elite controller that won't break the bank and so far have been great. It's a great alternative to the Xbox elite and better than the Xbox one controller

  9. oWaIs AlI

    can i play all games with ps4 dual shock 3 controller?

  10. Yuu kaw

    Meanwhile me and my 3.5$ Chinese controller

  11. Nils Dähre

    Tried to play Dark Souls prepare to die Edition, well I think I gotta buy a controller now…

  12. James Craig

    I CANNOT for the life of me aim w an analog stick. Ive played Halo and beat it but alot of aim correction took place

  13. Teneesh

    The question is if you like gyro aiming. You can put in gyro aiming in every game with steam input. So if that's the case, ps4 hands down. But the xbox one is comfortable. But it is very last gen in terms of features. It also makes me disappointed that the xbox series x controller is basically the same but with a different dpad. No real changes to justify the theoritical higher price tag. I'm hoping that it includes a gyroscope, but I tend to not keep my hopes uo with microsoft

  14. Rubz

    What I've learned: there is no ideal pc controller.

  15. Jose Luis Llamas

    Ps4 dualshock is great for steam but it's bad for any other launcher. I'd stick to the xbox one with Bluetooth or direct connection

  16. Iridium

    I have Gamesir G3w. It's a wonderful controller, and pretty good for it's price, however I can't recommend it.
    Reason is, the d-pads are very imprecise. If you point in any direction (up/down/left/right), even if you're 15 degrees off it will still register as if you are pointing in that exact direction. Therefore, you will often just be pointing in a direction on gamepad and it will register entirely different in game, creating many unintuitive moments of frustration.
    Another thing is analog stick intensity not being 1/1 relation. To reach maximum intensity you only need to push analog stick half of the way in direction you want. So if you want to fine tune your analog inputs, you have to be much more precise to compensate for this weirdness.

  17. Switcher

    I'm using a 360 wired controller it's still works

  18. Gamesir T1s are pretty affordable and have sturdy build quality, i would say it is better than Logitech f 710

  19. Luc

    As a Xbox user, the best controller is the Dualshock 4, it's so comfortable to use lol

  20. John De Guzman

    Ds4 v2 is more accurate and has a touchpad if you want a mouse-like feel to add on your game

  21. Albert Koha

    you do prefer wireless even with pc, if you don't want to sit within 2m wire range from screen but lay down on the other end of the room and use pc with bigger screen.

    for used one price tag drops 50% (excellent condition) or more (scratches).

    DS4 is way superior in durability and ergonomics (comfortability), or steam controller, it does take same time to get used to, but actually bays off. for rts like aoe touchpad provided by controllers can be more comfortable than sticks.
    Also these work out-of-box on linux/ steamos/ steam, with no more hassling than with console.

    xbox360 has great native support from games, even classics, and work out of box on win (7, 8)

    leaving Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo aside, Logitech is famous for it's quality, ergonomics and compatibility (hardware, games and OS, even with Linux [chances are you can use your racing wheel on Android])

    having taste of the high end controller, you really do not want to deal with any random knock-offs: half-the price, half-the quality/ergonomics

  22. Albert Allen

    I love your presentation and it seems we have something in common on the best pick being the xbox one controller

  23. Gareth Beaton

    3erd party pad for emulater wich woud you but xbox or ps4 im stuck need help

  24. J Y

    Great video, I just got into PC gaming during the pandemic and the Xbox 1 controller finally worked with no problems after the Wii-U pro and PS3.

  25. towfoon

    If you want a cheap Xbox one controller you can get a powera controller they are actually really good

  26. Furkan Karabaş

    If you are gonna buy a controller for your PC it's gonna be Logitech F310 or F710. Thank me later

  27. C’est La Vie

    7:25 that issue isn't specific to that controller, you dimwits. It applies to all controllers?? What was the point of that segment???

  28. Michael Relaford

    About the Xbox one controller, yes, you have to buy a rechargeable battery for it if you want that but you can replace it if you want/need to.

  29. nont chaiyatud

    Logitech f310 rekt all these by price and emulator input support.

  30. Radu Wornicu

    Both Ps4 and Xbox one are great controllers theres no doubt about that. But for PC use id go evrey day whit xbox .. One reaseon is that i find it more comfortable for long period gaming sesions . Second reason is that games on PC are allready set up by deafult for a xbox controller so you dont need that button remaping fiasco with i allways hate to do.

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