Best Pocket / Action Cameras Late 2022 – GoPro, One RS, Action 3 & More

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0:00 Best Pocket / Action Cameras Late 2022 – GoPro, One RS, Action 3 & More
0:16 GoPro Hero 11 Black –
2:33 DJI Pocket 2 –
4:06 DJI Osmo Pocket –
4:34 Insta360 One RS –
6:11 DJI Osmo Action 3 –
7:41 DJI Action 2 –
9:25 Sony ZV-1 –
10:50 Sony RX100 VII –
11:10 Sony ZV-E10 –
11:46 Insta360 X3 –
12:57 Insta360 One RS 1-Inch 360 Edition –
14:02 iPhone 14 Pro –
15:44 Summary

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  1. David Ding Films

    I recently got an Osmo Action 3. At first I was reluctant, due to the issue with focus but I now do not regret it. The detail is very good.

  2. RajAndo

    I think you missed one of the biggest difference between GP 10 and 11. The horizon lock on 11 is a game changer compared to the 10 (9 too). Not just 8:7 format.

    Love your content! Been a fan!

  3. Buschwerker

    Im using the Poket 2 for survival content and noticed the sensor has some struggle with cold weather when firing it up, but dissapears after few seconds when the cam gets warm. Nonetheless, it went through some realy ruff and wet terrain, snow, canoing with me, and im realy not beeing nice to the cam, yet it still works after years of constant abuse, without issues. The camera sound is also very usable. Still one of my favorite cams. As u said, a 10bit+ version and better AF would be enought reason to make me buy a poket 3. Nice summary!

  4. F M

    Love the footage from Bratislava old town! Please visit some other streets and parks as well 🙂

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