Best QLED TV Worldwide? Samsung QN95C

The real flagship Samsung 4k QLED TV… The q
QN95C has some major advantages to other samsung tvs in 2023

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Samsung QN95C
Samsung –

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  1. Paul Canniff

    I'm confused about why this TV is so rare at the moment. Amazon and Best Buy don't sell it, they only sell the QN90C, not the 95. I found one dealer that carries it, World Wide Stereo and that's it.

  2. Brian Harris

    May I ask for the link to where you got the link for the blooming test with the balls dropping at the end? can you make a video showing the service menu screens?

  3. James Stegbauer

    Brad & Jen I currently have Sony 65-A90J and I am thinking of upgrading to the new Sony 77” A95L QD-OLED when available just wondering should if I should reconsider and buy a different brand now or wait for the Sony……

  4. nick ferrante

    Do you still have the Sony HT-A9 with the sw5 sub? Would you still recommend it? I’m only using lg cx tv speakers at the moment.

  5. Pk Basu

    Sir I want to know Samsung QN90B or QN90C? What would be the major differences about these both television??

  6. zuti071

    Little more chemistry between Mr & Mrs B today😉

  7. C H

    Would love a comparison of this and the soon to be released TCL 75C845.
    Great video again👍🏻

  8. Keith Ian

    Great video. This looks like a reason to finally upgrade my Samsung 75" Q9FN from 2018. From what I've read it's an amazing gaming TV too for my PS5. Will get the 85" once prices come down and if I can find a store that ships to Mexico :-). Samsung Mexico never seems to have all the top models in the largest size for whatever reason.

  9. High Def News

    That snowflake test is no joke & it handled it like a champ. Definitely a contender for best Mini LED of the year IMHO

  10. I have the Samsung QN90A. Would this really be worth selling my 90A and getting this?

  11. Michael

    I subscribed just for Jen, not even interested in TV's 😅

  12. munchy

    io had a old samsung 6700 led tv and through a hdmi channel conected to a dvd player i somehow got adverts on my physical dvd discs. after contacting samsung asnd did a factory reset it was sorted but it left a bad taste fopr samsung tvs for me. Now its only the fact that all uis seem to suck on tvs google somehow feeling less advertisment which really means webos and tizen musty really suck if they feel secont to google tv a heavy advertising ui. Stioll id love to try out samsung again as enough years has past but no dolby vision stops me at this stage.

  13. Leonard Battle

    Hello B & Jen (I hope I spelled that right), I have been a subscriber for a little while now and I just wanted to tell you both how much I appreciate what you do when reviewing tv's. The information you provide from the testing is great and really helps those of us who are not as tech savvy to make an informed choice when purchasing a new tv. Additionally, you both are the only reviewers on YouTube that do it as husband and wife and that is beautiful. My wife and I have been married for 37 years and I have even coaxed her into watching a few of your videos. Finally, I recently made my purchase of and LG C2 65" and I absolutely love it. Thanks again for all you both do and God bless you and your family!!

  14. Domingo Lopez

    Which tv do you think is better lg 77 oled or samsung 75 oled

  15. ER3888

    You Guys are Great Bless Yall


    While waiting for this TV I managed to find a 65in S95B for $1099 at Sam's Club. I'll now wait until next year to buy this TV when it gets several price drops

  17. Love Jesus, Jesus saves. I believe him with all my heart. Pray for wisdom.

  18. Raul cabronero

    This tv have more blooming that my qn90a first edition in 85 inch so

  19. Andy D

    I’ll take this over an OLED. Great black levels and so much brighter.

  20. Michael Wyckoff

    Here we go again people Brandon and Jenn setting up yet another monster size TV. The QN95C is in the house.

  21. Dave

    Brilliant glad some Quality Qled some people have too bright a room for oleds cheers

  22. Pro Vax

    Funny thing is all these samsung qled tvs are more expensive than LG OLED…. SO NO TNX SAMSUNG 😂😂😂😂

  23. Project Gamer

    Finally someone shows the QN95C, I've been waiting for a video on it since it's release

  24. The Truman Show

    Brian, do you think the QN95C is worth the extra money over the QN90C? Or is the improvement minor? Thanks!


    Samsung will never be the king of TVs. They need to really get off their high horse and get some dobie Vision. They're scared that Dolby Vision won't approve them because their TVs can't handle the capability. 😂 Samsung is a joke!! All that money and the worst DSE on the market 😂

  26. Skywatcher

    Hey brother can you recommend which 85 inch I should get QN95B,QN95C,QN900B or sacrifice a little size and get the S95C or LG G3???

  27. willskip

    Would you say that this tv is way better than the QN95B? I managed to pick up an 85” Qn95b at bestbuy for $2250 plus tax. It was the last unit in my 250 mile radius and the manager hooked me up by marking it as open box and gave me a discount as well even when it was new. I upgrade living room TVs once every 5yrs coming from a 75” Q9fn. I was planning on waiting for Qn95c to be released but the deal was too good to pass up. Should I go with Qn95c over the Qn95b I got for a crazy good price?

  28. Neil Taylor

    The QN95C got great reviews in the U.K. closing the gap between an QLED and OLED

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