Best Stock Android Phones (Spring 2023) | Top 15 Reviewed

Reviewing the best stock Android smartphones you can buy in 2023, including the Pixel 7a, Motorola Edge 40 Pro and other top handsets for camera tech, gaming and battery life. My favourite stock Android phones list includes flagships like the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as well as budget-friendly mobiles like the 7a, Nothing Phone 1, Moto G82 and Nokia X30.

Best Stock Android Smartphones Chapters:
0:00 – Oh god get on with it
0:26 – Pixel 7a
1:57 – Pixel 7 & Pro
3:10 – Asus Zenfone 9
4:38 – Nothing Phone 1
6:02 – Motorola Edge 40 Pro
7:10 – Motorola Edge 40
7:46 – Motorola Edge 30 Fusion
8:13 – Motorola Edge 30 Neo
9:25 – Motorola RAZR 2022
10:02 – Motorola Moto G82
11:05 – Motorola Moto G62
11:56 – Nokia X30 5G
13:13 – Nokia G60 5G

If you want a completely stock Android smartphone, then one of the best options is that Pixel 7 series. The affordable Pixel 7a boasts Google exclusive features and some of the best camera phone action in 2023 for the price.

The Nothing Phone 1 is a strong rival on a budget, however. While the Pixel 7a is slightly better for the camera fans, this smartphone offers wireless charging and some other cool features for the price. Just bear in mind the Nothing Phone 2 isn’t far away.

I’m also a massive fan of the Asus Zenfone 9, one of my favourite and ultimately best compact phones even now in 2023. Again, here’s hoping that Zenfone 10 is out soon and doesn’t disappoint!


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  1. Tech Spurt

    Thanks for checking out my round-up of the best stock Android phones! Pixel 7a full review coming soon once I've spent a bit more time with it…

  2. I was wondering what phone has the best camera tech with video stabilization i like to walk around and record in 4K and have good stabilization

  3. Unknown

    Lava agni 2 smartphone review please

  4. arun rao

    Anyone else facing heating issues on pixel 2xl

  5. Kenny

    I consider Samsung galaxies google pixels all androids am I outdated?

  6. ErNon

    Im genuinely confused by Pixel 7a, I got myself Pixel 7, brand new from Google store for 479£ soooo pixel 7a is only 30£ cheaper? It doesn't make sense in my opinion

  7. Radon

    Man, that chocolate part got me good. Definitely wasn't expecting that.

  8. Snackybear

    I found your channel cause I was looking for a new long lasting phone. Now that I got the phone I still watch your reviews 😆

  9. Van J

    I would like to using these stock android phone again, right now only Asus that sells officially in my country and it's pricey. I want to try Google Pixel, Motorola and Nothing Phone but they aren't available in my country.

  10. w_tapper

    could you please link the wallpaper you use on the pixel 7, 7a and 7 pro in this video?

  11. The Orgazoid

    Half a terabyte does sound better than 512 gig I have to say

  12. Andres Rodriguez

    Ya need two phones one for work one for entertainment a side phone if you will. If you don't mind used pixel 6 and Moto edge plus each one is about 300 dollars used

  13. Oliver Rees

    Im torn i love snall handsets and the zen phone is calling but ive been a pixel guy for years

  14. Ballzy

    Pixel 7a is getting very hot to handle very frequently. Going to return it soon probably.

  15. ashwinbhat95

    I got the Pixel 7 Pro a couple of months ago, and I'm loving the Pixel experience so far! The phone is great all around, but do note that the battery life is just above-average (still gets through one day consistently) and the phone does get warm or even heat up if you take a lot of photos outside on a sunny day! None of them are a deal-breaker though, it's a really good phone!

  16. Jangli Pilla

    You should make video on LAVA AGNI 2 5G…this phone comes with great specifications with unbelievable price
    Must check about it ❤

  17. Craig Duncan

    Im on the pixel 6 pro but getting miffed with the lack of acreen mirroring, i dont want to be carrying a Chromecast eberywhere or need a tv with Chromecast built in….

    For thay reason im looking to try a samsung s23 ultra, but feel i will miss googles stock android feel and camera as well as assistant

    Has anyone left any pixel lineup to use Samsung and regretted it or preffered samsungs ui etc?

  18. Terry Lee

    If only all those devices didn't have holes in their screens.

  19. Anna Godman

    I love how you mention the software support side of these phones. Definitely helps with decision making for those like me who prefers long term devices

  20. Mehrdad Salabati

    As a Nokia fan of Android, I gotta say that the Pixel 7A is an unbeatable competitor…
    Recording videos at 4K 60fps is ⚡

  21. PinacMediaUK

    Just thought I'd let you know I would like to see you do a review on the New beats earbuds studio +

  22. JuliusJesse

    Do you think the Edge 40 is worth 100 euro more than the Edge 30 Fusion? Looking for a smooth Android experience and I wonder if the 888+ would fair any different to the 8020 in that regard.


    the phone is terribly built not being a phone but being a tracker and privacy output data for Google.


    Android one is gone what's the point Google will do? add more ads and services.

  25. Chris Forscutt

    Your sense of humour inside your stellar tech content has always been one of the highlights of YouTube for me… But "About as useful as a chocolate dildo"????? 😂😂😂😂. Omfg I can't!!!

  26. OPPO

    I hate the android😠i like the iPhone❤

  27. Daff Velos

    The only thing I don't like about Pixel 7 series is the thinner chin bezels. It's better if Google manage to use Symmetrical Bezels on their Pixel series so it will look more premium in my opinion.

  28. abcd

    In the USA works Xiaomi and Honor???

  29. CamoTech

    I'd just buy a Poco F5 and just flash a stock Android ROM on it to be honest.

  30. Hai Benitsubasa

    It's about time we had a nice new flagship Nokia phone. Hope they do one soon.

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