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Best Tech Gift Ideas – Smart Home Tech!

Dave2D Electronics Gift Guide for a Smart Home from Amazon. Here are my top picks for great holiday gifts for your family and friends who want cool home tech!
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Individual Items:
Eero –
Nest Outdoor –
Dyson Pure –
Philips Hue Kit –

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  1. Dave2D

    Ever since moving into a new home, I've become obsessed with smart home tech. This is some of the stuff I went with. Thanks for watching =)

  2. Satria Chandra

    Hi. Van anyone tell me what's the best laptop for me? I go to interior design school, and i make models in 3Dsmax and anything. My budget is around $1000

  3. Hyun0504

    Dave, can we get a pavilion power 15 review? Thanks!

  4. FIRST浪

    almost 1m subscribers, no wonder u recently moved into a new house!

  5. the Librarian

    dude…whats your though on Dell Precision 15 5000 Series (5510)…do you think its good for graphic designing/casual gaming laptop?

  6. Rayhaku808

    can you make a video on upgrading your laptop storage's? (e.g. m.2 ssd)

  7. Jack V

    I know that this isn’t a high known laptop but please can you do a review on the dell inspiron 15 7000 7560 as I’ve just bought it for school and Home and it’s set me back abit as I got the highest spec one so if you can do a review before it arrives that’ll be amazing 🙂

  8. Ebba Åström

    Hey Dave! Please review the Lenovo Yoga 720 15,6", i7. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Talha Nawaz

    Can you review the HP Pavilion Power (CB002NE) please?

  10. Fahad Adnan

    Off are you​ going to a million subscribers!! Love from India.! 😍

  11. dimitry

    hey dave i was thinking if you ever bought something from i heard great things about them, i wanted to know if you ever gonna make a video about them, btw love your videos you are great😀

  12. Alexey Lapshin

    Dave can you plz do a "what surface laptop to buy In 2017" plz?

  13. Curse

    Who esle waiting for HP omen X 17t review?

  14. z werk

    You are starting to be boring. I think I will have to unsubscribe.

  15. 古繧韡

    Hi Dave, can you do a review of Garmin wearable products. Such as vivosport, vivoactive 3.

  16. ismaeel yaghoubi

    Hey dave….just wanted to thank you for ur awesome videos…I almost watch most of ur videos and they were useful to me…👍🏻

  17. Ben

    So close to one million subs you deserve it

  18. osama charkieh

    I really respect you for condensing your videos as short as possible and not making them longer than they should take, really appreciate it Dave ☺

  19. Hugh

    Hey guys, just asking for some suggestions about the laptops/notesbook/Ultrabooks I should purchase! I’m still in high school (year 12), so I’m not looking for anything too crazy, plus, I’m pretty tight on budget! Anyone under $1,100 AUD should be fine as well as having good boot up speed (old one took around 5 min to boot up on a good day but is too big and not very well built) and decent power to take notes and do assignments with along with the occasional YouTube video. I know this is a big ask but please help me out!! Thanks

  20. Mr Donald

    Cool video, definitely will check out those i need.Thanks! Dave


    Phillips Hue?
    You;re kidding, right?
    Get Xiaomi RGB bulbs, cheaper and those do not need the extra expensive HUB, they work directly through bluetooth….did I mentioned they are cheaper and offer the same things/quality Phillips hue bulbs do?

  22. Finn Michiels

    request match nothing zsaeoc overall purchase labor zone someone expensive scale play clear

  23. deutscher ritter

    I wonder why a clean and quality channel like yours doesn't have 1 Million subs. I'd tell all my friends to sub you. Go ahead man!!

  24. Zeal Ash

    Real talk. I've been doing a lot of home automation and smart home stuff. i use wink as my hub and google as my voice control, and of all the bulbs HUE gives me the most problems the fact that you need another hub for the bulbs alone is a pain. it takes up yet one more port. also its always loosing connection. you don't have this problem? I blame it for this, as my GE bulbs that don't require there own hub to work, don't loose connection. My next purchase is the Sylvania A19(standard base) Full Color also don't require an extra hub. honestly hue is okay at best.

  25. aaronnn

    Right now I have the Echo Dot, Phillips hue white light (12 bulbs) and a Ecovacs DEEBOT M80 Pro vacuum cleaner. I seriously feel like I'm in the future!

  26. aaronnn

    you're Dyson link is for the non wifi version…

  27. Jesse Cox

    Dave that drone dropping your logo animation was seriously bitching! One of the best short video intros I have seen. Its those little touches that earned you a million subs! Wish I had seen your vids longer ago

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