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Best Tech Gift Ideas – Under $100!

Dave2D Electronics Gift Guide for Top Tech Under $100 from Amazon. Here are my top picks for great holiday gifts for your family and friends who appreciate great tech!
Gifts Available Here –

Individual Items:
Tile Pro Combo –
Kingston Bolt –
Dymo Labeller –
Echo Dot –

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  1. Dave2D

    The render went longer than the video length. Oops! Thanks for watching and happy holidays =)

  2. Yoko

    Are you sure you said that?

  3. Ankit more

    I actually like this video… Truly appreciate..

  4. Senoza J

    When did he get a Tesla? Is that the key of your model 3 that u pre ordered long back?

  5. Lee Keleo

    What is the phone you showed in the video?

  6. Arun Kumar

    Hi Dave can u send me the PC wallpaper that u use… Especially that iceberg one

  7. Tino

    Why is everything for apple

  8. LeDinx

    The Echo Dot – for when you can't get a Google Home Mini.

  9. Rory Robinson

    Astronomer overlook prescription daughter group that monument competitive satellite reluctant plant.

  10. Derron Lloyd

    Dave, those containers look real clean. Where did you get them?

  11. Alex Villalobos

    I want that label machine so I could know what cables im looking for behind my pc, monitor , or desk

  12. myhobbies

    whoa whoa Dave don't act like I didn't see that Midi Fighter!

  13. Ryujin

    Question, where do you get your clothing from? Ima big fan of blue but I can’t find blue clothing anywhere. Much appreciated if you could link me to a website.

  14. Leann

    The “tiles” I’ve given someone before.

  15. sharath reddy

    I bought the tile slim, probably the worst tech of this decade

  16. Sushim Shah

    1:33-Are you suggesting iPhone users are not techy (dumb)
    Me-Nice 😂😂

  17. Rock Stark

    It'd be great if you make a video for 2020 too

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