Best Value PC Builds!!!

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What is the best value PC build? Here is how to start out with a low budget but high performance 1080p build and then where to spend the extra money to upgrade it to 1440p and even 4K without breaking the bank.

Best Value CPU: Ryzen 5600
Best Value 1080p 60 GPU: RX 6600:
Best Value 1080p 60+ FPS GPU: RX 6650 XT:
Best Value 1080p High Refresh or 1440p 60 GPU: RX 6700 XT:
Best Value 1440p High Refresh or 4K 60 GPU: RX 6800 XT
Best Value 1440p Ray Tracing GPU: RTX 3080

My system:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Cooler: Arctic ‎Liquid Freezer II 360
Mobo: Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL 16
SSD: Samsung 980 Pro
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus
Case: Phanteks Eclipse P600S
PSU: Super Flower Leadex III Gold 850W
GPU: Nvidia RTX 3080 12GB
Monitor: LG C1 48 inch OLED

What equipment do I use to make my videos?

Camera: Sony a6100
Camera Lens: Sigma 16mm f/1.4
Capture Card: Elgato CamLink 4K ‎
Mic: My actual mic (AT 3035) is out of production but this is a similar mic (AT 2020)
Portable Mic attached to camera: Rode Video Micro
Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen:
Greenscreen: Emart Collapsable
Lights: Neewar Dimmable USB LED
RGB Strip Backlight on desk:

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  1. freelancer xxx

    Budget ..5800x3d + 6900 Xt + 32 gb of DDR 4 3600 + Tuff gaming x 570 ..if you find it on special offers can get all for under price for RTX 4090

  2. Dess

    There is some ugly phantom 6800XT on Newegg that comes with two games for 530$. Borderline wanna get it

  3. Maxine Bailey

    I decided to go with a 4090/13700k build and its definitely working really great for 4k gaming, my previous 3080 Ti struggled a lot at 4k with demanding titles

  4. tigerbalm

    Order from Newegg…and they won't tell you if it's OOS…screw them

  5. asdad asdasd

    I just scored an ASUS 4090 TUF OC at MSRP after trying to fight the damn scalper bots for over 4 weeks. My GPU hunt finally ends and I'm all set for years to come. Say hello to 4k, high settings, RT and well above 60 FPS on my 42" OLED! Will be selling my 3080 ROG 12 GB, brings down the price on the 4090 to $1,100.

  6. Daiva Davino

    Hello, i got R7 5700x paired with a RX 6700 XT, already bought the 650w bronze nzxt psu, would it be enough? I dont have any intentions on overclocking or such. Thanks

  7. Le-Johnny

    These are cheap parts sure, but they're not budget in performance. Key to building a gaming pc is spending less on everything else, a bit more on cpu, and the most on gpu. If it takes $2K to build a "high end" pc then count me out, because a 3080 and 6900XT can already run 1440p and 4K even in Cyberpunk on High.

  8. phlask

    This better get a lot of views!! This video deserves the attention.

  9. Sylvanius

    I've got a motherboard, but it says that the CPU you recommended may have compatibility issues if the BIOS isn't updated. If I can't use the CPU right off the get-go because the BIOS may or may not be updated, I'm concerned that I might be wasting my time/money.

  10. Matthew S

    You can buy a much better laptop than the budget build for cheaper

  11. jerstah

    Ewww corsair 🙁 hopefully if it breaks they don't tell you that you shouldn't dip it in water. Never buying from them again.

  12. star5328

    Spot on about the esports titles being cpu bound and being more memory dependent. Even the biggest tech youtubers fail to mention this and I think it's actually pretty relevant if you're looking to max frames in something like Fortnite for example.

  13. Kyle Eastman

    upgraded the 3600x to a 5700x for $215 and a 3060ti to a used rx6800 for $350… plan to get around $420 of that $$ back. So basically for $150 im set for long time. its been a great year for PC parts.

  14. Dumiso Siwawa

    Rosewill has been around for a very long time and they do make quality PSUs

  15. larry

    👉Need help.👈 Hi daniel nice info on this vid. I am building a similar pc with 5600 and corsair cx650f but i am confused as to which gpu to get between 3060 Ti and 6700xt as both are at the same price in my location. i am using a 1080p, 165hz, Va monitor. The build is mainly for gaming (mostly play mmorpgs) and some video and graphics editing work. Also with my price i can get either a premium b450 or a cheap b550 mobo which would be better. 👈👈🤓
    really appreciate ur reply. thx for the hard work that u do of informing everyone.

  16. Daniel Hauck

    By biggest problem with all of the graphicscard reviews and suggestions I have heard over the last few years is that any 3 fan GPU just won't fit in my case and I care for said case. Because of this, the only GPU that looks viable for me over the past 2 years is a RTX 3070 (most likely from zotac because I have good experience with them) as I am a 1080p gamer but want to futureproof and get a VR setup soon… Any distinct suggestions or thoughts for someone with only enough space for a 2 fan long card? I have been team green so far, flatmate is team red and seems to have no issues so might be willing to change (especially cause I like to draw and animate when bored)… but all I see in your reviews for team red are 3-fan gpus…

  17. Davide Davini

    I find funny that everyone just assume you have gaming mouse and gaming keyboard already. As well as a monitor, but that’s probably fair? You can always use your TV, I guess.

    Anyway. Gaming on PC is so f.cking expensive!

  18. Talin Bolen

    Hey man love your videos! Had a question! If you had to take a guess/shot in the dark where you think 6900xt's will be at price wise once the 7900xt/xtx get dropped? upgrading from a 5700xt and am on the fence between waiting for when the new ones release and seeing if the price drop is actually a good bit. thanks!

  19. Samuel

    The DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L actually is a very good powersupply! That was a no brainer to choose!

  20. CMDRLawliet

    I’m kinda worried about using a Ryzen 5 5600 with something like an RX 6650XT. Won’t there be a real bottleneck issue there because the GPU’s a little outclassed? Or would that bottleneck be negligible enough to not matter?

  21. Almost the same build I decided to get about a month ago! Now is the time to get a used 3080 for a reasonable price.

  22. Michael Pursey

    I'm going to be in the market for a new video card to replace my 1070 soon, any suggestions on what would pair well with my Ryzen 5 2600? I'm not sure how beefy a card I can get before my older gen CPU starts being the limiting factor. (mostly looking at AMD cards because of price to performance)

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