Best Way to Send Full-HD Videos from Android to iPhone!

iMessage and Android Messaging is still a huge mess! Especially when it comes to videos, so here’s how to send high-quality videos from iMessage to Android RCS messaging and Vice Versa! Enjoy!
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    I wonder why your channel is still underrated
    You deserve more than this
    May your channel grow more and more ❤

  2. Sven

    Or you know just use whatsapp like the rest of the world

  3. Misan Throp

    What if I want to avoid Google? There is a reason I have an iPhone.

  4. Wheely

    If you have Samsung u can do the same with every file type you want
    Using quick share

  5. ashplayz

    Pls can you give me an iphone plss im your old subscriber 😢and i dont have much money

  6. Friendly Bane

    All this because Tim Apple wants to keep the iPhone walled off.

  7. sjstu

    Come on Apple, it's time for RCS.

  8. stefvn

    viber works imessage works etc

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