Best Wireless Gaming Headsets [WINNERS] (PC, XBOX One, PS4)

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PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset ➡️

Corsair Void Pro RGB ➡️

ASTRO Gaming A50 ➡️

SteelSeries Arctis 7 ➡️

Plantronics GAMECOM 818 ➡️

Sennheiser HD 4.50 ➡️

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Want to go wireless with your headphones or headset? If so, you can benefit from this video, as we will be taking a closer look at the absolute best wireless headsets to buy right NOW.

We take a look at both affordable and premium choices, and we’ve included both stereo and virtual surround sound wireless headsets as well!

0:00 Intro
1:00 PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset
2:25 Corsair Void Pro RGB
3:45 ASTRO Gaming A50
4:58 SteelSeries Arctis 7
6:22 Plantronics GAMECOM 818
7:46 Sennheiser HD 4.50
9:30 Intro to Which Headset to Buy?
9:44 Which Headset to Buy: Do I Need a Microphone?
10:03 Which Headset to Buy: Do I Need Wireless Functionality?
10:33 Which Headset to Buy: How Much Am I Willing to Spend?
11:03 Conclusion


This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. EveTheShooteR

    Gold are trash. I'm not even hard on my equipment and both the ear pad hinges broke 6 months apart rendering them useless. Had them close to a year. I've heard others having the same issue with them. Buy at your own risk.

  2. hARMaGIDo

    Is there a wireless headset with 7.1 or 5.1 for PC and PS4 arround 100-200$?

  3. Yunior Gamboa

    The artics 7 is the best headset I've owned but its a shame that you need to use a cable to play on xbox one

  4. Garudin

    I heard some more reliability issues now on the steelseries arctis 7 after a year of use.

  5. Robbie Richard

    Never bought a headset before and don’t know much about them. Searching the web for the best fit. But is the difference in sound quality really noticeable from headset to headset? I would like to find one with nice quality, the flip to mute mic, wireless but preferably one that has both, and one that looks clean.

  6. Phalanx380

    the Astro A50 is nice but it hates docking with the base and after the while the contact pins get stuck and you cant charge off the base any more. also most head sets still have micro USB witch they never properly support and if you accidentally bump it whilst its plug in its easy to break the micro USB port.

  7. Ryan Malvey

    I need a wireless headset because getting asked why I have a wireless keyboard and not a wireless headset is getting old.


    Most of the headsets you guys reviewed one one else wants to review or buy.

  9. Marc Burley

    Great Video watched a stack of headset review vids but they all seem to miss the connectivity across platforms, nothing worse than buying a wireless headset that needs a cable for your console.

  10. El Mero Mero

    My Audio Technica's ATH m50x are on their way….hearing good things about this headset for gaming…..and for every day use as well.

  11. SnapRasta

    Is there any wireless headset that you can use with the ps4 as well as the xbox1 I dont feel like spending $150+ per headset

  12. Mr BrightSide

    The last message is the best. Not all channel would say that. Good job.

  13. Socal_lx450

    Why dont most wireless headsets work on the xbox one?

  14. Garry vangundy

    I’ve had the Astro A50’s for 2 years the only issue I’ve ever had was charging on the base to line up the pins. I just use a usb cord plugged into the base and use the micro usb at the bottom of the headphones in to charge them.

    Also if anyone has issues check the website and make sure you keep them updated!!

    When I first got them chat in game wasn’t really working till I updated them

  15. Sonnix

    I use the rig 800 LX with Dolby atmos best headset I've ever used and wireless !

  16. zeus

    I have A50s they are the most comfortable and best sounding headset

  17. CrashDaniel

    Everyone: I'm finally getting a headset😄

    Me: checks price 😐

  18. Z0714

    Trying to find one for my birthday

  19. Pedro Tapia

    I'm looking for a headset that goes completely over my ear not on my ear which one should I buy? It doesn't matter if it doesn't have cool features just as long as it goes over my ear, I'm looking for comfortable headsets and money is not a issue.
    Which one do you recommend?

  20. Loki

    The mic quality of the ps4 headset is complete ass and the top strap breaks often.

  21. A1an

    3:14 can someone help me out I also heard in a different video that the Corsair void pro RGB last only 3 hours????

  22. KB

    I will use turtle beach x12s before i use dog shit a50s ever again

  23. ROSSONERI 108

    if you guys want best sound quality just forget wireless and pick up the sennheiser gsp600 , in terms of raw audio power it blows every single set on this list to pieces

  24. Matthew

    I recommend G933 I believe it's comparable with everything. Don't buy the corsair void pro rgb sound cuts out every few seconds and make a high pitch tone I've experienced this with my old pair and my friends

    Edit: Would also recommend rig 800

  25. faze Castro

    Just get turtle beach 600 for you console players

  26. Orlando Alicea

    Wish headset or headphone do y’all recommend me for Xbox one X?

  27. Jose Garcia

    Out of these which has the best sound quality for pc? I’m using the g633 but I’m wanting a wireless headset that has the same quality sound or better.

  28. Mike Oxmaul

    I just want one wireless headset to use on both my Xbox and PS4..

  29. JAGMAN

    Ls35x. Great headset. Dedicated to the Xbox one. Works great. Loud sound and great clarity with the mic. LUCID SOUND FOR THE WIN!!

  30. Just Hayd

    Please tell me is there any Xbox headsets that are wireless you liar?

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