FINALLY TOUCH SCREEN MacBook Pro’s are Coming VERY SOON!! Today I want to give you all the details about this and what this means for the FUTURE of the MacBook Pro and the iPad Range. Will they combine? Also we are getting BRAND NEW OLED Displays being added to all MacBooks including the Air and Pro that I also want to talk about.

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For now in these videos we are doing the latest leaks first and a recap of what we know altogether about the iPhone 15 models.

I will also have the latest iPhone 15 Price information for the Pro iPhone models;

iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max

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Intro 0:00
OLED is Coming First 0:22
Touch Screen is Coming Next 3:30
Why Touch Screen Now? 4:22
iPad & MacBooks Together 6:05

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  1. Matt Talks Tech

    What do you think of OLED and Touch Screen abilties coming to the MacBook Pro Range? Will it change everything?

  2. Ber

    might as well buy an ipad with a keyboard

  3. Legend Jasveen

    I am a student and I was thinking of getting a iPhone but a MacBook would also help me and hope you get to 500,000 subscribers soon

  4. Ahmad Imam M

    I am a university student. I really want to have a macbook since currently I don’t have any laptop, I am using a university laptop that borrowed by my supervisor. I also wish to upgrade from my iphone 7+

  5. Slainiae

    I think the divide between MacBook and iPad will become ever smaller until a few years from now they will converge.
    For this year I'm hoping for an M2 MBP.

  6. Eifur Fatima

    Omg!!!so excited for a touch screen Macbook thus would be such a gamechanger but also curious wouldn't it essentially become an ipad pro with a keyboard? just slightly better , anyhow I'd be getting an iphone 13 pro or a macbook in 2022.

  7. JSR

    i would prefer apple work on removing the notch rather than make touch screen

    for me no use of touch screen on laptop

  8. Inna

    About time bro. I never understood why apple never had a touch screen on MacBooks because apple literally slays the tablet and phone games in the industry so ugly they would naturally implement touch screen on MacBooks. Just a big iPad with connected keyboard they should slay this product too.

  9. Seema S

    I would like to get a M2 MacMini when it is launched and would also be grand if I get to win that 14MBP. Cheers.

  10. copy paste

    My iPad oled does touch just fine. And it could run OSX

  11. Timothy Pokojni

    "What do you mean it costs half the retail price of my brand new Macbook Pro to get it repaired? It's just a small crack in the screen!"

  12. Shaheer Burney

    Been waiting for this to happen for a long time! Hoping we get to see this soon with the MacBook Pro

  13. Philip McDonnell

    I'm from the last of the Boomer generation and I'd be quite happy with a touchscreen on the MBP as well as the touchpad. I will probably have to upgrade my mid-2012 before that comes out but maybe I'll upgrade one more time to in 2025 before I retire.

  14. The Centaur

    I think it is a bad idea to introduce touch screen to a laptop unless it is pencil only. Apple is all about user experience and constantly cleaning oil off your screen will damage it. You can't just transition from work output to recreation without cleaning fingerprints off your screen. And you don't need it on a laptop. All attempts by windows based computers have failed to take off. I can see a pencil argument for artistic creation but not other applications

  15. K B

    Hello Matt, I’ve noticed you have covered a lot of useful information. Thank you . Have a great weekend.

  16. Hello

    Would it not be easier to just get an iPad and a keyboard ?

  17. Bryson Lee

    A touchscreen Macbook pro would be incredible. I kind of miss my old HP Spectre that had it.
    I disagree wholeheartedly with Apple's reasoning behind not doing so or at least bringing MacOS to the Ipad Pro. I've got the 14in m1 Macbook right now with no plans to buy an ipad. The only thing keeping me from getting one is the lack of MacOS. It is literally just my Iphone with a larger screen. I love my Macbook, yet I would still buy an Ipad Pro in a heartbeat if they allowed sideloading of real MacOS apps. Currently, without that ability, I have no use case for it.

  18. -

    Personally not a fan of touchscreen, especially after my experience with the Touch Bar, but I’m happy for y’all

  19. Le Youcef

    It will be amazing to see a touch screen in MacBook pro also im going to buy iphone 12 or 13 as my first iphone btw thanks you Matt for keeping us updated on apple news (:

  20. That one dude

    Would be a nice feature feature for precision work like editing or drawing, depending on how responsive the screen is. Most touchscreens of laptops I've used aren't nearly tablet quality and aren't as useful

  21. Geliiiiine__

    I think this touchscreen macbook would kill the sales for iPads&magic keyboard of course😂 of course it will depend on preferences still. I wanted one too for architecture school but I’m planning to upgrade my phone from firstgen SE to a ProMax model first before a laptop or ipad, anyways great vid as always Matt✨

  22. Kaisersozze

    My 3year old nephew already thought my macbook was touch screen. He naturally assumed it would be since he's seen me use my phone. Apple is behind on ideas of a 3 year old.

  23. I M

    If Apple adds touch screen to their Macs there's gotta be a new innovated twist. Apple would not just "follow the leader". Would probably add haptic feedback, push click etc…

  24. Richard Bishop

    sounds grate now i willbuy one when thay come out,it willmakeit eazer for me to use

  25. George Azzopardi

    It's about f**** time apple start the oled competition, i just got the asus vivobook oled laptop and maaan i put my macbook air 2022 aside trust me if you get an oled laptop you wont get back to led screen this happen even on tv's

  26. w1n5ton100

    I think Touchscreen on a Mac is unnecessary. I’d personally geht the 14“ MacBook Pro baseline

  27. Kevin Phillips

    I hope you're wrong. I hope that there will be a convergence of the two OpSystems.

  28. K B

    A very interesting video. It would be beneficial for Apple to make a touchscreen on a MacBook. The IPad would still be popular. Both need to be used in certain situations. I don’t particularly like the keyboard with an IPad. I don’t even know where my keyboard for my IPad is. Most likely needs dusting off from being in some long lost space.😆

  29. Tom Lock

    This really frustrates me. They keep updating and improving and enhancing all year round. They used to make a complete product that was just excellent, and they'd sell it for years. All these improved versions are just stopping me from ever biting the bullet and purchasing one.

  30. Wow I predicted this and it’s coming to life. As a huge fan of the MacBook I’m beyond excited for this feature

  31. perosa gathungu

    Yes matt it will change everything atlest now pple will not have to get bored using the keyboard as it will be more exiting to use your macbook just like your iphnoe and tablet now that is a big upgrade I'd realy love for it to happen

  32. D-One

    If the screen can be bent backwards like hybrid pcs then I am interested.

  33. Butch Go

    I never used my Windows Surface Pro touch screen feature. I did not want my fingerprints on it. I think touch screens are nice for iPads and tablets only.

  34. The pro should be for creators of music, photography, video and drawings. A touch screen is a must as is connectivity and storage capacity. Why dont they make the laptop screen lift open, rotate 180 degrees and close with the screen facing upwards so you can use the pencil as well. So you have a laptop and graphics table in one. then good bye, XP- Pen. Huion, Wacom etc. Just a thought.

  35. Marc Verbeelen

    Touch screen on a MacBook Pro, no thanks, doesn't give extra value for me, OLED yes that's a good thing to have. The MacBook Pro's have an excellent touch pad, that's all you need. Also by touching the screen you will make it dirty. No it's either a MacBook or an iPad, what will they do next?, ditch the keyboard? No for those things we have an iPad.

  36. C

    Rather apple make the huge touch pad become secondary touch display, and work will Apple Pencil.

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