Black Friday Watch Deals – Sale Preview #2

The sneak peek continues! Today I’ve got a bunch more models to show you that will be on sale from this Thursday at 1pm eastern till Monday at midnight. We’ve got some amazing deals you will not want to miss. To see the Black Friday Watches Sale, visit:

Note that prices on our Black Friday watch page will drop on November 24th 2022 at 1pm Eastern Time! Our aim is to affordably put quality watches on wrists. Good luck with getting yours!

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  1. jimmy A

    Hi Mark, are you shipping to Australia again?

  2. Ben Clayton

    😢I have to be up at 4am… thanks heaps not😢

  3. Hayes Tech

    I actually liked your Islander #4 the best, out of the 5 shown. Number 2 ,Vanguard, would be my second choice. I will own an Islander one day…lol…

  4. Mark Spohrleder

    I'm hoping to get a Spinnaker Bradner with a blue dial on black Friday. Very unique looking diver

  5. Barry Merlin

    Marc, you have some very interesting watches on sale. I will definitely be checking them out.
    Thanks for the update on your sale!

  6. Joseph K

    Marky Mark and the Long Island Bunch.

  7. Victor Shikhman

    Mark, will your bracelets, like for kamasu and citizen diver, be on sale?

  8. Tom McCubbin

    Hi Marc, long time customer here.
    Can you please give the lug-to-lug on the Laco Frankfort?
    I can do a 43mm on my 7" wrist if the length isn't too large.
    I hope you and the family have a great turkey day! 🦃

  9. Joe

    Lol on editing Marc. 👍👍

  10. Jeremy Torres

    That Laco is phenomenal. Definitely took me by surprise and struck a new chord.

  11. Nathan Shelby

    I am looking forward to the sale I love the Hemel airfoil that I bought from you I used it while doing my series 7 training to time my study sessions and to know when to take a brake to clear my mine. You are the man Marc thanks for all you do!

  12. Michael Beckley

    "Just give it a little knock" ………….. that is why this is one of my favorite channels!

  13. Jay Gee

    Shop NBC is now ShopHQ….their Invicta sale is going strong for the holidays and every day that’s not a holiday 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. TheThrill007

    The isl-44 is my favorite watch Marc has ever released. I hope he finds it in his heart to bring it back one day.
    I highly suggest the isl-73 to anyone who loves the color green. The dial is so dynamic and stunning to look at. It is perfect!

  15. Time To Watch

    "Laco", "Botta" … you're killing me Marc!! 😩
    Hope you have great success during this Thanksgiving Holiday 😎👍🏼

  16. Mareks Matisons

    I have spent my watch budget, but BOY THAT Laco LOOKS DESIRABLE!!!
    (My bad – did not notice this beaty before. Adding to my Compressor/Super-Compressor "reasonable grail" list)
    What a stunning timepiece!!!

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