BMW M3 Touring vs. AMG E63 S Estate: Drag Race

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what we’ll win in a drag race between a BMW M3 touring and a Mercedes AMG E63 s estate while we’re going to find out by racing them over the standing quarter mile I am Matt Watson and you are most certainly watching carw let me tell you about this M3 it’s got a 3 l twin turbo straight 6 that puts out 510 horsepower and 650 newm of torque driving all four wheels for at 8-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter but it does also have launch control for a BMW 3 Series it’s quite heavy just under 1.9 tons it’s also very expensive it’s £87,000 starting price anyway let’s find out about the Mercedes from racing driver Sam on Samuel you know what to do give us the stats good evening Matthew so I am in the AMG E63 s estate 4 L twin turbo V8 612 horsepower 850 newm of torque all-wheel drive 9-speed multic clutch gearbox it weighs 1,940 kilos and it prices £ 8,670 how much 8,670 so this three series is more expensive than that E-class is that right you’ve got more cylinders more power more torque similar weight yet my car is more expensive can we just check with the statisticians out there is it right that that Mercedes is less expensive than this BMW yeah it will be now cuz it’s a 2019 car oh all right that’s why was it £80,000 in 2019 like 100 110 when it was new okay so when it was new that car was over £100,000 can you buy them new still I know we’re waiting for the new E63 to come out now cuz there’s a new E Class I’m learning something every day I’m supposed to know this stuff if I’m a motoring journalist quite clearly a very bad one thankfully Sam’s a better racing driver than I am motoring journalist so he should be able to drive the absolute ass off that s Sam sorry to doubt you yeah anyway if you would like to compare the stats of these cars side by side then pause the video now because here’s the stat screen now before we get on with the race let’s do the standard carwow sound check so I’m going to rev up my BMW that is a lot of rev hang rev your V8 you sound like a man with a soft one yeah but you know the rules this popped and banged so it’s automatically winning I’m not sure what we should also do is warm up our tires cuz both of our cars have a rear wheeel drive mode Sam’s decided that he will go first don’t think he’s got it in rear whe drive [Applause] mode no he definitely hasn’t I don’t want to drill this poor guy’s front tires I don’t think you had it in rear World drive mode I don’t know that’s the worst I’ve ever seen you do a drift ever it says drift mode currently unavailable so that was four-wheel drive I’ll just do mine oh mine’s no better I am in rear wheel drive am I in more drive all right there we [Applause] go that’s a BMW for you n it’s enough of that let’s go let’s race three two 2 1 oh that was insane is he catching me no oh a little [Applause] bit you okay there Sam all right I don’t look so smug there got a big delay let’s go again I’ll beat you God that’s pain and dark that is is it you didn’t like that you shut me down pretty quickly no chance to grow or anything somebody has had their feathers ruffled it’s just got that typical Merc big delay I just didn’t uh wasn’t tuned into it so we can go again what do you mean we can no we can’t that’s it let’s get on with the rolling races shall we perfect home early I’m up for that too no he knows I want to race again 3 2 1 I wonder what his excuses going to be this [Music] time I didn’t no handed [Applause] [Music] oh what’s your excuse that time I didn’t jump you’re full of the accusations are you accusing me of jumping no I’m just not I I need another go wait there stewards did I jump the start heartbeat sounds pensive looking Sam confident looking Matt that’s um best TI of three mate it’s over no we’re going to do a Watson we’re going to best three out of five do you know what I actually think if he times his launch better he will win I think this is faster I need one more go I think you may be right so in the interests of fairness and I like the cars to be able to perform as well as they can let’s do another race and if I’m happy with my launch and you’re happy with your your launch even if you win we will leave it there we don’t want us and our delays or anything like that affecting how the cars run 3 2 1 oh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] yeah oh that was so close I think we left the line very similar this car had a little bit of traction issues it wasn’t quite as quick as the last time there wasn’t much in it I destroyed you what are you talking about I think it’s going to be like 0. one of a second don’t you think or it’s more no it’s about it’s about that but visually it looked like a destruction to me do you think you launched ahead of me or or similar uh no that was exactly the same the thing this is one of the longest delay off brakes marks I’ve driven so that was the hard bit trying to get that timed Honestly by the time Jack’s hands are at the top I’m off the pedal basically there we go do you know what let’s go again for out five in it 3 2 [Music] [Applause] 1 oh [Applause] yes oh no I’ve got a good large bu come past [Music] me I said you know we don’t have to do best three out of five this car isn’t going to launch any better than that I left the line really well um it hooked up but you won you’re right if you time that launch correctly you’re going to win and you did just yeah it is just about managing that off break with the timing that’s all there we go I like to play fair sometimes so then what exactly happened well the Mercedes won it completed the standing quarter mile in 11.4 seconds the BMW took 11.6 seconds want to sell your car quickly easily and for a fair price then head to car where to have over 4,000 trusted dealers ready to bid on it in an online auction first enter your car’s registration to get an instant approximate valuation then if you want to proceed give us some more details and upload some photos and we’ll help you set a fair reserve price for your car that’s the 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his constantly pitch as it kicked [Applause] down walking away he’s ahead though and he’s gapping me [Music] gapping me slightly with his car gapping me slightly with his car gapping my whole world with his car gapping me slightly with his car don’t know where that came from um it’s fairly relaxed that was um nice easy win for you it was just constantly creeping ahead wasn’t it it wasn’t a white wash but it’s definitely just you can see that little bit more power just pulling away yeah I think your gearbox also kicked down a bit quicker than mine as well and that gave you that initial lead but then like you say just gapping me slightly with it ain’t enough of that right gearbox out the equation let’s go manual mode all right then Samuel rolling the r 5050 M hour in third G maximum attack sporty settings right here 3 2 1 go [Applause] [Applause] oh I think that just really Illustrated your point from the last race didn’t it that just creeping ahead you’re always just creeping that’s me just creeping through the dark evening just pulling away from you you creep okay let’s do it again but in second gear from 30 cuz we can and there’s still a little bit of light although I really should be in sunglasses by now yeah definitely take your sunglasses off man that that’s a health and safety point if I take them off then because they’re prescription lenses things are brighter but very blurred which one do you want to go for as long as you stay on the left hand side of the wrongway I don’t care it’s definitely better with them than without them rolling race half mile second gear roll on from 30 mil an hour ready 3 21 go oh I’m ahead o don’t it up [Applause] sunshine don’t miss a gear change don’t miss a bit here he [Applause] comes there it is I really really really really really really really really really really really enjoyed that race because this car pulled away first it really it really picked up very well and then you manag I’m going I’m going to talk to you through the window my radio’s died a um yeah I really like that race this pi are you right just put it in park okay so I like that race it’s very good you found this car’s cryptonite in that speed in that gear I had nothing you know what though it seemed to pull away from you more than the other two races in that didn’t it it showed the difference in speed CU I caught you and then pulled away from you yeah seemed different didn’t it it’s confusing yes that made no sense shall we have a brake test now we’re going to do it anyway but I can’t talk on the radio cuz it’s dead I’ll stay level you’re stay level you know when you reach the change of time at the line yeah what are you going to do I’m going to not pull the paddles down because everybody gets upset and full emergency stop and full emergency and I’m not going to do a racing driver thing no racing driver things yeah promise promise you keep him honest if he does it right comment we’re watching we’re watching aren’t we I know okay let’s do it okay oh oh let’s get into gear yeah put in par didn’t he all right come on if you’d rather watch another drag race with this car’s bigger brother against that click on the pop out Banner appearing at the top right corner of the screen right now if not stay here for the braking test you watch some make sure he doesn’t do any puddles Sam hello right you lost yeah it um it made a lot of Servo noises in here was it cuz you didn’t use the paddles definitely okay don’t ever use them again then I’ll win all the brake tests okay good anyway I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like huge thanks to the chap who lent us that E63 go check him out now if you want to watch some other videos please click on the video windows and if you click on the carwow logo boxy thing you can go to the carwow drag race leader aard to compare these cars quarter mile times against everything we’ve ever drag raced and I mean everything chirons Golf GTI Remax you name it with drug R it go check it out thanks for watching

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