Boracay, Philippines | Stunning Drone, GoPro, DSLR video

“All Hands on Deck” composed and performed by Steven Stratvert & Corey Zack.

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A video collage of an epic-adventure packed week in Boracay, Philippines.

Shot using a GoPro Hero4 Silver, DJI Phantom 3, and Nikon DSLR.

This was our first time visiting Boracay. We went in January 2016. We stayed at the Lind on the White Sand Beach.


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  1. CsoloB

    I like this video editing well-timed with music! I wish to learn this…did u use a software or all on Youtube?

  2. Mark Pahate

    Hello Kevin! Great drone shots! May I ask if I can use some of the footage? makes me proud of this country.

  3. I shall return

    OMG amazing vac and drone. I grew up in this island never new how beautiful it is in the sky. Only the birds saw that before. It looks touristy now but there's more nearby islands you guys did not discover. Gigantes islands in Iloilo and even the mountainside town I was born more greenery and fresh air. I think better than Colorado mountains. Thanks for visiting our country.

  4. S Traz

    that sunset frame is amazing!

  5. reynan ramos

    Sir can i put this in my project
    my project is make a blog thats why i need this video
    dont worry ill put your name in credits

  6. Boracay, though crowded. It's still one of my favorite summer destination.

    Beautiful vid!

  7. jcbart

    the lind hotel i guess. as your attention not called when you flew the drone above there? you know, private property stuff

  8. Hi I'm cassandra from new explorer travel and tours in philippines and we would like to post your video in our page because we feel the passion of this video that all people will love it if its ok with you? 'll give you the credits thank you

  9. Loci

    Kevin, lovely video! Happy to see the hard work behind it! Keep up the good vibes! Earned my sub for first hit 😉 (a fellow "filmmaker")

  10. Archie Condino

    Permission to use the parts of this wonderful video…please =)

  11. Cool video! I just wanna ask if we can use your video? We are currently working on a project with our client and we badly need stock footage of the tourist destinations in the Philippines . We'll surely credit you. Thank you so much! Hoping for a positive feedback.

  12. martmart

    Hi Kevin Stratvert, this video is amazing and we loved it. We would like to ask permission if we can use this video in a facebook post? If given permission, we certainly credit it to you by adding a link on the description including your channel name and with your social network details. Looking forward for your permission.

    Thank you very much. More power!

  13. WhitePhrase

    :O I live in Philippines I really wanna go to Boracay like Really, But in this Critical Times in this Corona Virus Crisis My family and I will still not go to Boracay, I’ll just Continue making Videos and Entertain My Viewers 😀

  14. K21 BG

    Ohh you were here??!?!! My beautiful country 🇵🇭
    New subbie here 💖💖💖


    Hi Kevin please create a video focusing on split screen in Filmora 9.thanks in advance

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