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Bose QuietComfort 35 ii Review

I’ve had the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones for about a month now and I’ll tell you what I like and what I dislike. And most importantly, would I buy it again if I could go back in time?

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In this video, I look at the following:

• 8.3 ounces or about half a pound
• Great padding on the right and left sides and the top
• Fits over ear and is very comfortable, slants down inside to fit the ear nicely
• Right and left indicator on the inside

• Black and silver, I opted for the black

• On/off switch, in addition to pairing
• Volume up and down and play/pause, forward, Siri, mute, answer call, decline call
• Battery indicator, green for high, orange for medium, red for low battery
• USB charge port
• Google or Alexa assistants, also set the level of noise cancellation to high, medium, or off, weird that Siri doesn’t use the same button
• Headphone jack, or use blue tooth on up to two devices
• Dual microphones
○ Help with noise cancellation
○ Voice calling

Noise Cancellation
• Walking around the city
• Making phone calls

Audio quality
• Not an audiophile
• Clear and crisp
• The bass is nice

• 20 hours or blue tooth playing
• 40 hours of wired playing

• Sunglasses don’t work in the summer
• Bluetooth sometimes lag when first playing music / audio. Wired connection avoids this.
• Price is steep at $299

• Ability to change the name of the device
• Set up two connections – I use my PC and phone
• Music share between multiple headphones
• Noise cancellation level can be adjusted
• Action button can be customized
• Standby timer to turn off after a certain amount of time of non-use

My thoughts
I’ve had these now for three weeks. I’ve worn them around while out and about. The noise cancellation is phenomenal. On the street it blocks out car sound and other background noise. Voice calling works great.

Price is a little steep, but you get a best in class product. I would buy them again.


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  1. hi.. have you tested these headphones streaming movie from your laptop/PC or TV because they have a huge audio lag because they only have and use SBC/AAC codec, and for me this is a deal breaker. what is you thought about it.. because no reviewers highlight these points anywhere, they focus only on the main pros and cons, no one reviews the practicality of the device.

  2. aly tinoco

    What is the bose app? There is a bunch on Google play

  3. aly tinoco

    I want to try the radio on them what app is it

  4. Apratim Debnath

    bose qc35 is only good on iPhone. there is a noticeable degradation if we use it with an android phone. on iPhone, the sound quality of amazon music and apple music quality is about the same but the music quality of Amazon music on iPhone and Android phone is a huge difference. it is because of the codec support. however, when I used RHA 390 wireless the sound quality is about the same on both iPhone and Android. that's because it supports aac and aptx both. the sound quality is very nice on bose with iPhone. it has punchy bass and the mids and treble also very good. again sony xm3 and bose both are good but it depends on the person who will buy. if you want more bass then sony is good and if you want less bass and crystal clear vocals then bose is good. we can't tell Sony is good over bose or vice versa.

  5. Steve Clark

    Hey man. Good review, what made you choose this over the sony xm3?

  6. Sam Mosedale

    Just watched your review and I'm buying the Bose Headphones, sooooo excited!!

  7. Kev Williams

    Just a point to make .. you never mentioned anything regarding the sound quality ?

  8. Miles Campbell

    November 2019 – For commuting nothing I repeat nothing beats the QC35ii's… 😎

  9. BT

    Thank you so much !!! I couldn’t figure out how to switch it between iPad and iPhone

  10. muryoken muryo

    If wired does it still require to be charged or does it draw power from the device it’s hooked into like a Nintendo switch, portable DVD player, old generation iPod, an iPad?

  11. James Carlos

    Can this wireless headphones use for phone calls and other stuff

  12. Whatever you do, NEVER UPDATE THE FIRMWARE on these if you don't want your ANC nuked.

    You're welcome.

  13. DavoInMelbourne

    Not gonna lie, when you said for people who don’t like their weights in ounces I though you were going to say their weight in grams not pounds. You got me there. Great review though.

  14. Great review! I'm ready to buy some Bose headphones. Would this headphones worked on android devices?

  15. D B

    Just got it from the military exchange for $219 no tax and free shipping.

  16. Markus451

    You're a very well-spoken young man & the review was helpful. But you missed some important technical aspects. 1) The standard audio wired connection for many years now has been the 3.5mm audio jack. Everyone should know that Bose has decided to fxxx with this standard by putting in a 2.5mm jack. Then they helpfully provide a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter cable. So what's wrong with that? How many times have you gotten various little doo-dads with your devices, and how many times do they get lost? The whole point of a STANDARD is that you don't have to plan ahead, if a need comes up, bingo- it works. Why is this important to me? I'm old & for years, devices would either come with this really big-ass, huge audio jack or the much smaller 3.5mm jack. It took 20 years to get rid of the big ones and we've had 3.5mm as the standard for 20 more years. Remember when every cellphone manufacturer used a different jack for the charger, and what a pain it was? And how much more convenient it is now that we have the micro-USB standard? (And now USB-C, but at least that is technically superior.) So why would we want to support any company that wants to make things LESS CONVENIENT for us?? JUST SAY NO TO NON-STANDARD JACKS. /// 2) The second aspect you didn't cover is RANGE. Because I'm old, I used to use 900mhz FM headphones with a transmitter base unit. Because they were analog, you had no security. However, they had great range.. as in I could cut my grass with the base unit inside the house. NOW, with the very-low range Bluetooth specification, if I'm listening to tunes in my small condo and I go to bathroom or kitchen, the Bluetooth cuts out. So you need to carry your phone with you even within your apartment. That's not convenient. I thought progress meant things are supposed to get better? 🙂 When you review any more Bluetooth devices, please test how far you can get before they cut off. Use the "bathroom test". Because some devices are definitely way better than others.

  17. Sanctus Vianney

    You can't walk around Chicago with those on because you WILL get murdered for them!

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