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The 3D OLED screen on the Asus ProArt Studiobook laptop uses 2 eye-tracking cameras to render separate 3D images to your eyes. The 16-inch OLED panel is made by Samsung Display, featuring a lenticular filter applied on the surface to deliver 3D effects. Because no glasses are needed, brightness & colour accuracy from OLED’s self-emissive properties are preserved.

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  1. jsnepo

    Let's bring back stereoscopic 3D!

  2. George Jones

    This is similar to the 3DS, just using better a screen.

  3. Tree Face

    Basically what the New 3DS was, and then Nintendo dropped 3D with the Switch. I even remember reading that the New 3DS wasn't going to have the eye tracking 3D and when Miyamoto found out he demanded they make it a feature. He was shocked they were making developments in the tech but weren't going to use it in the final 3DS model.

  4. nathanddrews

    This would be great for gaming if games natively supported it or there was a really reliable pipeline injector to force games into a scalable 3D mode.

  5. Pecetos

    I would not mind 3d returning with current technology. Last time they tried to push 3d, tech was not ready.

  6. JAW21

    ‘*Ting*’ can that be used for other body parts?

  7. Wei

    Display is mega impressive. But the software demo and graphics are ugly. Looks like a 2001 tech demo lmao. The 3D objects don't even have proper materials or shaders.
    It would be way more impressive if the graphics was as well made as the screen

  8. Hector F.

    By the way, it's hard to see what Vince is seeing by what the camera picks up. It's best to see this in person.

  9. Alex Atkin

    Nice touch making the dialogue loop perfectly.

  10. Chris S

    Doubt the popout is anything like a readl 3d tv thou, as the glasses or cameras have to be like 1cm from your eyes to give you great popout.

  11. Akrymir

    Face tracking 3D is actually really awesome and far less complex than eye tracking, while working on a 2D screen. It'd be possible to hook up a USB camera to most TVs or a computer and achieve amazing results… they just don't do it.

  12. Mr. Satyre

    To add to the comments about this not being exactly new, it's an exciting improvement over the "has beens". We'll still all have to wait until this (or any glasses-less 3D system) can create a 3D image for multiple people spread around a room. I think that will be a very, very long wait.

  13. boe dilllard

    I'm putting money on it in 5 years TV manufacturers will try to sell 3D again – this time though it will be good with 83", 240hz screens and 8K it will be 4K 120hz and still look great.

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