You are currently viewing Budget $170 IPS Gaming Monitor: Acer Nitro VG240Y Review

Budget $170 IPS Gaming Monitor: Acer Nitro VG240Y Review

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Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed
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Budget $170 IPS Gaming Monitor: Acer VG240Y Review

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. iTz Scoobie

    I just need this as a Second monitor for videos and discord… would it be ok?

  2. Oxidizedd

    Glad I stumbled upon this video just cancelled my order.

  3. Biser Vladov

    Do you experience any bluriness or pixelisation of textures? Because I recently bought this 24 inc monitor and the quality of picture looks absolutely terrible.. I have never had a 24 inch monitor so I dunno how this one fares in comparison to other 24 inches monitors , but the quality was a big let down. I set the resolution to 1920x1080p and still everything looks blurry. All the textures in video games, when i'm watching a video on youtube the images look blurry and as if they are drawn like, as if they were drawn. I tried playing some games with it and the games looked absolutely horrible on 1080p . I connected the monitor to my 15,6 laptop Acer Nitro 5 (2020) RTX 2060 , and the image and the graphics of games look so much better on the laptop. Now , I know that since the scvreen of the laptop is smaller, things would look good, but my previous monitor was 22 inches and on it everything looked normal (and it was some old ass monitor that I was using on my PC) , yet now on this 23.8 inches monitor everything looks blurry as hell. What do you think may be the issue ? Thanks

  4. Himozu

    Can I plug an hdmi 2.1 cable in it?

  5. JackMuzzer

    Its not much of a comparison as its obvious the response time will be much worse given you're benchmarking it against 144hz monitors. Its not really fair to say its a slow panel when I'm sure other 75hz panels are probably in a similar league.

  6. ge7483

    hello sorry I'm Italian, I wanted to know if you can connect speakers to this monitor, because I have both the PlayStation and a PC

  7. Dom see

    Which is better this one or aoc 24g2?? Someone pls answer pls i need recommendation

  8. hllcyln

    Vertical lines seen especially on blue color variants are quite annoying. I have received mine and opened a ticket to return the monitor to seller. You can see it clearly when 75 and 60 hz selected and almost gone when 50hz selected but why buy a 75hz monitor and use it on 50hz? Do not recommend – A few hours user.

  9. A. Waly

    Very good reviewer and very honest review.
    You accent is nice, ty.

  10. Mike Sabella

    currently looking for a low sitting monitor i have a tv 17 inch above my desk and ion wanna move it

  11. Genshin 101

    For people watching recently . If you are okay woth a va panel you should get acer nitro gq241y . 144hz hdmi and 165hz dp . 23.8inch and is the same design as this one .

  12. Honest to Whoo

    I happen to got this monitor for $81 total. Is that good like would you recommend this if it was for $81 dollars rather than the $150-$200 price range?

  13. Philippecr

    At this price point, most of these are kind nitpicking. 🤔

  14. lopikss

    Welp f me ig just bought this with almost all of my money I probably cant return it so i am fucked ig

  15. mkiss73

    Is the VG240Y bmiix an update of this monitor or the same?

  16. Admiral

    I recently bought the 144hz model and I'm wondering how much improved mine is over this 75 hz version from 2018.

  17. Thirty Acres

    The 144Hz version has x1 display port. The 75Hz does not have a display port, sadly.

  18. could you do a updated review on the new verion VG242Y PBMIIPX please and thank you

  19. Benimaru

    Hi and Sorry to ask this since i'm new to pc stuff.

    I got this monitor yesterday and want to ask…

    Is HDMI port better or DP port better for the monitor in gaming?

  20. Footzy Editz

    How do you change the hz on this mooniter because its stuck on 60hz for me without a pc

  21. Meike

    I use it as a TV cuz its close by

  22. FBI

    Refresh Rate is where u can see your FPS right?

  23. Isa Effects

    Hallo, can you say me a Good Monitor in this PriceClass for Gaming & Editing ?

  24. senpaigr

    So you are putting this model which only costs 150€ now in benchmarks next to 600€+ monitors …

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