Build a Node.js API – tutorial

Create basic CRUD routes with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.
NOTE: For this to work correctly, you must use the same version of mongodb. Your package.json file should say: “mongodb”: “^2.2.33”

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🔗 Based on this article by Scott Domes:

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  1. Mélanie Minjauw

    Thank you, it was so helpful to build my first api as a non-developer ! With mongoDB cloud atlas and. the trick db.db('database').collection

  2. Sanam Shrestha

    is it just me or he looks kinda like Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley?? Great tutorial btw. Thank you

  3. Marc TRENTIN

    PostMan chrome extension is now deprecated but the desktop app is working well. Same stuff for Mlab which is now MongoDB =).
    Thanks for this tutorial !

  4. Dror Golan

    thank you for a great video , looking forward to watch your future one !

  5. ZeroWolf

    lol im a 9 year old and i'm really experienced in coding

  6. Boyi Shi

    NOTE: db.collection('notes') is now changed to db.db().collection('notes)

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  8. Lathryx

    This comment was created by sending a post request to one of YouTube's databases through their API; neat.

  9. Slurpee Sauce

    People having issues with db.collection does not exist
    Change it to

  10. Olivia Biswas

    Great video, totally nailed it🔥🔥can you do a similar tutorial for SOAP api with Nodejs?

  11. edward mac nab

    The more weird things you have to add the less useful It looks . Mlab ? Isn't there something Generic or open source ?

  12. Marc Joly

    Typos everywhere ! :'/
    I can't focus on what you say because I get distracted by every typo.
    Could have been great otherwise.

  13. 8koi

    No wonder I was having weird problems, 4yrs aho lmfao I'm blind

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