Build an IoT application with Node.js and Docker

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Learn how to build and scale an IoT application with microservices using Node.js and Docker. This project will give you a working IoT dashboard connected to a SmartThings IoT hub and devices. You can use the application you will build to monitor IoT devices, but it’s really designed as an example of how to build an IoT application in the cloud that leverages microservices, Node.js and Docker.

Talk given by Shubhra Kar and Wyatt Preul at Node Summit 2017.

Thanks to Node Summit for giving us permission to post this talk. freeCodeCamp is not associated with this talk. We’re just excited to bring more exposure to to it!

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    what is all these about? i am a node js developer and i didn't understand a thing here.

  2. Cesar gomide

    A billion of indians will eat all software industry scary future

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