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Build your first Rails app – blog with comments (tutorial)

This Ruby on Rails tutorial will help people new to the framework understand how it operates as well as the necessary conventions required to create a blog using Ruby on Rails. We touch on things such as routing, controllers, views, models, migrations, relations, and more.


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⭐️Tutorial Contents ⭐️
⌨️Intro (0:00)
⌨️Installation (1:07)
⌨️Starting the app (9:01)
⌨️Adding comments (1:11:46)

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  1. Thanks for this! I had fun following along and making it work with the skeleton framework rather than bulma.

  2. BookOfSaints

    I appreciate the video and following along is easy enough, but there are many things you don't actually explain why you do them which would help us understand why things on Rails work the way they do. Maybe go into a little more depth in future videos? Thanks!

  3. varinder singh

    do you have a link to tutorials, that you recommend, showing how to add user authentication?

  4. Cody Nicholson

    In the last minute, you show us your post.rb that has new code you never wrote in the tutorial: "dependent: :destroy"

  5. Jeff R

    Thanks for your video. Very nice work! How do you get your dock to pop up like that?

  6. Cem Alacaoğlu

    Sincerely, one of the best resources for introduction to Ruby on Rails. Thank you for your efforts, waiting for the other tutorials about Rails and usage of popular gems.

  7. Hiren Madhu

    For those who has a problem with Navbar

    <%= link_to("Blog", root_path, :class =>"navbar-item") %>

    That worked for me

  8. Achmad Satriyo

    really great tutorial, easy to catch up and very useful for first timer like me.

  9. Lazos Pap

    Great tutorial ! I was trying to understand how rails work and you clarified it very well with the gems installation.

  10. Joshua Estrada

    I really would like to know how you set up to show the directory on the top of the window

  11. Llama Alpaca

    Very good tutorial! Thanks I appreciate the help! Subscribed and liked.


    Hi Congrats on this great tutorial. Thanks . many of us are benefited.

  13. yocto

    I thought "Oh I understand Django. I should learn Ruby on Rails. A lot of knowledge will transfer!"
    I was very wrong. This looks like ancient Greek to me.

  14. Công Cook

    Which extention you use for HTML(Rails) language Mode?

  15. 교니

    where can I fine next course ? About login and simple security

  16. Arthur

    Thanks for content, therefore it needs more explanations about how rails work.

  17. SJ

    Hey , Jarvis
    Can you teach these kids Ruby ?

  18. Jake Mackenzie

    Nice to see someone do a beginner tutorial and pay attention to styling.

  19. bereket ababu

    Very bad tutorial. You don't just write the code without explaining. garbage

  20. bad tutorial. the guy is winging it. couldnt get past the installation step

  21. I have a problem with the destroy… Im not able to delete the post. Anyone has this problem?

  22. Julian

    Rad. Excited to learn more about Bulma too. Thanks for the video!

  23. Judis Jeevan

    Suppose in the controller action called new and create, if i put some other name, is that a problem??

  24. Kristopher Tope

    This was very helpful. Thank you very much!

    If anyone else is getting an error with the delete confirmation message steps, this worked for me:

    <p class="level-item">
    <%= button_to "Delete", post_path(@post), method: :delete, form: {data: {turbo_confirm: 'Are you sure?'}}, class: "button is-danger" %>

    I copied over the relevant parts for the comment delete button as well.

  25. Chris Hickey

    If anyone can't get the DESTROY methods to work…try
    <%= button_to "Delete", post_path(@post), form: { data: { turbo_confirm: "are you sure?" } }, method: :delete, class: "button is-danger" %>
    <%= button_to 'Delete', [, comment], method: :delete, class: "button is-danger", form: { data: { turbo_confirm: "Are you sure?" } } %>

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