Building the Ultimate Budget Gaming PC – Microcenter Edition

the budget wheel spin challenge is one of your all’s favorite series and so today we’re at one of our favorite places the new Micro Center we’re in Charlotte North Carolina for the opening of the new Micro Center location there’s a lot of cool stuff happening here and we just had to come down and see it for ourselves big shout out again to Micro Center for sponsoring this video to allow us to do our budget wheel spin challenge we’re going to spin the wheel to the side is our budget the game we have to play the FPS Target and throw in a little bit of curveball to make it a bit difficult but when you have this many good deals at Microcenter it’s pretty hard not to build an awesome PC at a great price normally we got to have some good talking points about a sponsor but honestly Micro Center just does all the Talking themselves the fact that we’ve already walked around this whole entire store before they opened looking at things like 3D printers gaming laptops and of course the build it-yourself section we’re already in heaven and we’re even more excited to build a gaming PC here so what we’re going to go ahead and do is spin the wheel determine our budget price what game we have to play and our caveat and then we’re going to start shopping look at all the PC parts we have to choose from is going to be good time let’s spin that wheel all right guys it is time to spin the wheel and you know what I feel like I make Jackson go first all the time I’m going to go ahead and try it first let’s see what we get now we have budgets ranging for $500 to $750 we also have games including forsa Horizon 5 the finals Halo infinite fortnite and Hell divers 2 the FPS targets are pretty aggressive we got 60 FPS 75 FPS 90 100 and 110 and then some of the curve balls are must use AMV must use Intel one’s you need an aftermarket CPU Cooler which mic has plenty of or sleeve cables so we’re going to go ahead and spin the wheel I feel like since you get first you’re going to get the better budget I feel we get $500 you think so I got $750 dude there’s something about you go baby about going first gives you the big budget all right guys 750 bucks you know we’re maxing out our budget here at Micro Center we’re going to spin the wheel for the game what game do I have to play easiest if I get fortnite it’s wild oh it’s crazy it’s crazy that I got it’s crazy that I got fortnite it’s crazy I got fortite it’s all lubed up ready for me all right so so far $750 in fortnite um if I get 60 FPS I could probably buy a pre-built here and be just fine but here we go we’re going to see what we get I kind of want 120 give me 120 75 FPS I think I’ll be able to achieve that pretty nicely and what is my caveat give me something tough give me like the aftermarket cooler or sleeve cables ooh sleeve caes okay sleeve cables nice so uh yeah sleeve cables is my caveat which I mean obviously will add a little bit more money uh we have to play uh fortnite at 75 FPS and I have 750 bucks a spin and keep in mind all games will be tested at 1080p High settings this go around we have higher budgets so I want to make this a little more difficult on these PCS that we end up choosing I’m ready to get the lowest budget the worst game the highest FPS there’s something about the Second Spin just does it all right it’s your turn just get 750 you know let’s get matching bud I’m going to be optimistic I’m going to be optimistic we’ll get matching budgets I’m not going to get the lowest budget I have $500 I’m not going to get let’s see I’m not going to get fours of five Halo infer hell divers too 1080p High settings by the way I got hell divers too all right not bad not bad all right bet we’re moving we’re cooking all right the FPS number I’m going to get 60 FPS watch you can do it 60 shoot 90 FPS oh my 90 okay all right what’s your C honestly they’re not too bad the curve ball is like this go around not bad I’ll take any one of them oh man that is the most expensive one probably unless you go with an Intel GP which I mean you could at $500 H so must use Intel so GPU or CPU I can make you know what I’m going to get the Intel 660p SSD is that a is that a little that works that’s a curveball int SSD all right go over what you got here all right so I got 500 bucks to spend I got the lowest budget I got to do hell divers 2 at high setting s0p uh I need to maintain 90ish FPS and I have to use an Intel product so this is going to be interesting I ended up with a really easy one he ended up with like the challenge of the century but you know what if there’s a place you could build a PC at a great price it’s Micro Center here let’s get to shopping and see what we can put together I would say uh this is going to be a challenge I got 500 bucks to spend did you know that I have 500 bucks to spend to play hell divers too yeah 500 bucks 500 bucks so all right um I’m thinking about going a AMD I do have to use an Intel product so I think what I’m going to do is get an Intel Arc card which could be risky for hell divers I don’t know how well it’s going to run honestly it’s going to be a long shot for 500 bucks do you guys do like the bundle thing where if you get a CPU and a motherboard you get like $25 off or is that so it’s a lot more than 25 more AMD it’s going to be about $290 AMD for Intel it’s going to be about 279 what is what does the 279 give me so the 279 is going to be the 12400 okay ddr4 motherboard does it come with ram y it does 16 gigs of ddr4 uhhuh but then you got a no storage right no okay so CP motherboard Ram God that is yeah cuz so cuz I was almost thinking about doing like the 3600 which I I know yeah I I don’t want to do it but with my budget I was thinking 3600 uh the problem is I want Gen 4 like Gen 4 supporting the motherboard so I was looking like a b550 but I think even that put me at so would that be 80 plus like 95 so like like $70 right there and then I still need a ram which the cheapest Ram I saw was uh which maybe you can film me on that do you have cheaper Rand in that team group like $50 kit of 16 gigs we might no we have a $44 44 okay $44 G scale with draws cuz I’m going to need a full size case though is another problem if I get the z690 or z790 with the i52400 Y 279 and then the storage I think I saw you guys said like 25 6 gigs 20 26 bucks okay three we at $35 and then I was thinking Ark which is that other side of this wall other side okay so obviously I did I did a little bit of perusing earlier and you know I saw this you don’t know of any better deals right that the cheapest card that we going to have is the is the arc yeah that that seemed like a pretty decent deal 165 for the a580 oh that puts me at 470 I still need a case in power supply so that one’s probably not doable I’m going to do the 3600 executive decision yep if just feel so outdated doing this but I’m doing it it just it hurts because the 5500 is the same price but I really want the Gen 4 support especially for that art card is this this is probably the cheapest b550 you guys have 84 bucks are you still you’re going with uh full ATX or you want to go micro Micro ATX micro yeah so this micro we got micro are we able to once I get everything here could we like scan it and see what it’s looking like I got you so you said that you think there’s some for 45 somewhere let see what we got 45 16 gigs ddr4 3200 stuff we use in like every video practically it’s other G skill our team group pretty much so once again down bad uh I think that 256 was the cheapest nbme you guys have yep I’ll take it 27 bucks I’ll take it this is the one I’m going with see the store is so new that normally Matt and I would just be going crazy with the open box deals but don’t quite have those just yet nope when I’m down when I’m desperate for the price 40 bucks non modular yeah you know what actually cuz I think that this one well it’s okay I think it’s white cables yeah which is kind of crazy yeah I’m going to you know what I’ll do that just so we can avoid catchup a mustard okay so 435 that um maybe I can get an okay case I’ll do the Leon Le come here real quick all right it’s a homie the black case is in my budget but the white one is $5 more Can you spot me bro I got you bro good man all right my uh my budget just went up five bucks so I I can uh I can get the I can get the white one now if you have I just have to make sure we have the white one oh no uhoh well I guess we’ll do that then so wait I don’t even need to use I don’t need your $5 your crusty five bucks now wait do you guys have this one yeah I’m checking I’m not sure oh oh so we did find a 205 M yep okay well then my five bucks is uh going to good use my five bucks whatever it’s mine now we got our Le and Lee 205m in white so my build will actually kind of have a theme going on with it but will would play hell divers 2o High set at 60 or 90 FPS actually you remember when you said High set you me medium right you know what uh that sub total I think it works it’s looking good 5575 let’s freaking go all right uh let’s get this one uh put somewhere and then it’s my turn I think mine’s going to be kind of a a jolly good ride $750 I think I can get something to work all right it’s my turn once again 750 bucks I got to play fortnite 90 FPS I think I got this 10 AP High settings and uh my curveball is I have to get sleeve cables with my build so we have to get sleeve cables that’s the one thing I have to spend little extra money on but you’re telling him about the Intel discount what kind of ryzen combos do you have we honestly might be able to get you a full build on am5 okay yeah that’s what I was hoping for so where we at with that bundle again you said it was 379 379 cool I will need a cooler yes so yeah so CPU we got the 7700x I mean 7700x really a c you 32 gigs of ddr5 memory we got the gskill flare X memory and for the motherboard we have a gigabyte B 650 gaming X ax so with Wi-Fi ready to go for $379 for the entire bundle it’s really dang good um let’s see I guess GPU wise let’s see what we think we can fit in how cheap is your 6600 is that 189 189 the cheapest okay so 379 fornite let’s try we’ll try that we we’ll we’ll try that we’ll start there and see if that works cool sweet so we got the Azar Challenger RX 6600 1080p graphics card IG VR PC Gen 4 good to go there yeah let’s do storage i w go too crazy with the storage one terab 70 bucks right now but then again I don’t we don’t even need that much what about 512 what we looking at for 52 40 bucks I think that might be I don’t think we have any though oh no let’s just try that Inland 500 okay and just see where we’re at leaves me 122 we’re penny pinching here I got cables too is this going to work and a cooler and a cooler what is the probably a CV Tower cooler Our Endless variety of coolers wow we’re only looking at really probably the best option is going to be the 212 okay yeah there’s the 212 black for 29 yeah hold on let’s not let’s not all let’s not pass up all of our listen here buddy yeah let’s just do 212 black this is this is going to be close my case is going to be but I’m going to be getting that X1 boys all right so I need a power supply sleeve cables uh 650 we’re looking at 65 yeah I wouldn’t have enough for a Cas or cables at this point all right so I’m thinking about to drop the CPU bit I saw they had the um the 8400f which is like the US version of the 7500f just a little bit slower that might be good or I could go 7600 we started a little too high with our combo probably so uh money discussion so we’re looking at the budget and I mean obviously we can go with a 500 watt what other do you have any other am5 combos cuz I’m thinking this might be a little too they’re more expensive okay what kind of am4 combos you got that is going to be the 5800 X3 okay what was that one run it’s in the twos like 280s I believe that might be how much was oh that was three something that was 370 so that would get me there so I cuz honestly I with that power supply I’m LIF like $50 for the case and the cables so I don’t think I’m going be able to do it with that um you know what yeah let’s just swap to 5800 X 3D if you had let’s say 900 bucks to spend 850 to spin this would be an awesome combo with micr but for my budget and the goal cables and the sleeve cables the sleeve cables really throws everything off but you know that’s part of the challenge here so yeah let’s just swap to that one Joan got some money for me no he’s out he got no money I’m out $23 open box cables oh wait do they have them all in here okay so $23.90 I mean that didn’t say that saves me I’ll be like $3 off at that point I think with a lesser SSD and then the sleeve cables I think we should be able to do with the X1 practicality if you wanted something that was like I would guess say more balance out of the gate I would go with the 5800 X 3D combo but just for the challenge sake and the fact that I could get on M5 with an upgrade path and a system that’s pretty solid all right no real real talk like is that power supply a bad idea to go with like a 7700 to make that work I know there’s not as much of an upgrade path but I think I’ll go 5800 X 3D combo and then I’m going to go with a slightly better power supply our audience gets on us cuz we’re the ones who push the limits of power supplies all the time and they’re always like ah you probably should have gone you should have gone with this one so they’ll thank us for this one this is for you guys at home but you know what you could have gotten if you push the limits I’m just telling you you could have done it and I already have sleeve cables who that would been a funny drop um I already have sleeve cables so that will work with this I guess we’ll adjust the price and do the 5800 X 3D combo so we got the 5800 X 3D combo which comes with a ASUS T b550 plus it looks like we have 32 gigs of ddr4 memory and the 5800 X 3D and with the X1 what are we looking at 704 I could go with a better Cas do we have the GPU in there it’s a GPU okay so I could spend $22 more a case x3 yeah X3 nice X3 has a couple more fans let’s do the x3 yeah we’ll do the X3 for the case and then I think I’ll be good um yeah my build 5800 x3d RX 6600 I think I’ll have no problem in fortnite getting my goal and I have a pretty solid gaming PC and um yeah I guess we’ll just grab the case and then we’ll have everything for my PC and Jackson’s PC and we got to build them we got to put them together and see what they can do [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right guys well we got our PCS built both of them actually worked first turn on so at this point we got a long journey back to Benchmark these PCS had a lot of fun at Micro Center let’s see how these things perform and see if we can beat our Chan challenge all right guys we’re now in fortnite dx12 we are currently running on high settings which I will say is stressing this thing much harder than I was even expecting um I’m really thinking it’s the ram situation cuz look we’re we’re approaching on the max of that Ram GPU is not really doing much it’s like the CPU and GPU just don’t know how to act right now fortnite what is what is going on on high settings I almost feel like at some point um why iset why is Peter holding it like that I almost feel like at some point we should uh like maybe towards the Mark you should try going like the usual settings to see what we can get yeah cuz it it has to be cuz something’s freaky here I just need 75 and I’m not going to get it I’m like really close we literally had to save like a few dollars to make this build possible um we almost should have honestly gone like q300 L and done the 7700 X or whatever it was combo just to have the 32 gigs of ddr5 that probably would have helped us a lot it would have now it is smoothing out and I was able to kill how are my 90s but it’s not not good they’re not good bud but it is a little bit I don’t know just higher frame times it’s not great it’s trying so hard to maintain oh time to go got him baby it’s your time to go you’re done yeah this was using that high preset originally but it was modified so running native 1080p one thing I like the so you could try just doing the preset let’s run TAA does the preset put on R tracing the preset does turn on R tracing it’s like volumetric lighting which technically isn’t rate tracing but it is like a more demanding so let’s run see auto set but this is auto setting so let’s just do a high quality preset and that’s what it does for high so let’s apply but this is running TSR High which is upscaling so the game looks totally different by the way it’s like HDR now it’s actually doing a little bit worse yeah yep oh yeah let’s just let’s just try process for just for the sake of it we’ll see see if we can get over 75 consistently I would be we should we most certainly should so that’s 100% that’s off that’s off that’s off that’s off this should be like 9 now I should really use that 500 X3 there go there you go so this is what most people would probably be playing on I mean it’s funny we’re still using the GPU like a ton which is that’s the thing with dx12 I’ve noticed compared to Performance mode is it still use the GPU a ton even if you’re running lower settings which is nice if you have a better GPU performance mode might make sense for this one if we are really trying to heavily rely on the CPU but terms of my high settings goal didn’t work out very well but for the settings that people would probably actually be running it was well over the 75 FPS apparently are done getting good FPS fortnite get a weird update let me know cuz Jesus Christ and I will say this is something that we’ve seen a lot in the past for like fortnite I swear they’ll come out with like a new seasoner oh God oh no it was nice knowing you run hello oh someone’s helping me maybe you’re better off watching hello hello I’m trying all my I’m trying all my weapons all right I didn’t meet the goal in 1080P High I think it was way too stuttery at some point we hit 75 FPS but definitely wasn’t an average little disappointing I will say but I think I would have been better off I mean the combos that they had were much more higher in if you’re going to build a PC a Micro Center obviously the $750 price point is good but I probably should have opted for something that wasn’t the 5800 X 3D combo and a slightly better GPU for 1080p high but hey you know what let’s see what Jackson’s PC can do in his goal all right guys we are playing hell divers 2 and I will show you guys the settings in just a second oh man I’m struggling it’s like a fortnite drop it’s like fortnite Drop oh yeah whoa whoa 9 FPS this is crazy yeah I think once we land it’ll don’t worry we won’t be getting 100 millisecond response time I swear yeah so your goal is 1080p High settings no upskilling or anything and running 90 FPS which I’m already assuming like I I figured I figured Matts was definitely going to do it which surprisingly didn’t quite do it I don’t think mine’s going to do it honestly uh but I’ll be happy if I can play hell divers 2 with I mean honestly a pretty cheap build that’s from a box store which is crazy and all new parts oh my God why is why is it when when I play with you all it’s not nearly this hard what is this game eat grenades oh my God I’m out of ammo how do I switch wish you bug SW going how do I stimmy you uh I don’t know what the stimmy button is see I just keep coming back and dying this is great but I mean hey 60 FPS I wish I’d gotten that if I had gotten the 60 FPS Mark which was literally the I didn’t it go from 60 to 90 or was 6075 it was really close yeah so I mean the fact that you know I could have gotten one of the goals would have been nice but I’ll still take this and either way both PCS are just a good way to show you different ways you can build PCS at Micro Center especially if you’re on a certain type budget $500 we thought was going to be really hard to stretch and uh we had a little bit of trickery to get him over to $510 but uh we got him to that point and it worked out and the PC is looking pretty solid I think price performance- wise this one is really good not that the 5800 X 3D one isn’t but I probably would have spent a little more money on a better GPU and 32 gigs of memory or go for that one combo that we definitely wanted to the am5 mother w this one’s like definitely as I would describe very balanced the 00 x3d most people would not just pair like a 6600 they wouldn’t stop there they’d go for like a 1440p card like the 6700 XT or better yeah basically I think we can both comfortably say we did not quite reach our goals we’re both very close it wasn’t like it was a Landslide by any means um and honestly the main lesson learned here is that at Micro Center you know for any budget even even as low as 500 bucks you’re able to make a pretty baller gaming PC so we’re going to go do is we’re going to run 3D Mark time spy just to see the Cent per point for both of these builds and just kind of assess the overall value of each one but terms of our goals we didn’t hit them but I think we still built some really awesome PCs with the right settings no people would be running the settings we’re running with the hardware we got and um we’ll have a really awesome uh little experience at micer so fast all of a sudden they’re so fast let’s wrap this video up real quick guys all right guys well we were successful in building PCS at Micro Center but the wheel spin we sadly let down we weren’t quite able to reach our FPS goals but the fact that both PCS played the games really well on a pretty low budget was still pretty awesome and yeah shopping at Micro Center especially the new charot location gave us a really fun experience and there were a lot of awesome deals to be had the only downside I will mention and even that Micro Center would tell you is then being a newer store there wasn’t any open box deals we could take advantage of going to one of the other microser locations that have been open for a long time will give you access to a bunch of open box deals that are already there but give that new store a couple months he’ll have some really awesome deals to even make better pric performance PCS but in terms of 3D Mar time spy we’re going to start with my PC here we got a score of 8,471 which is only a 9 C per Point score for the $750 price point and then for Jackson’s PC ended up with a score of 9,623 Which is higher for $500 PC one thing to note Intel Arc does do very well in 30 Mar times spy but as you saw with the benchmarks and Hell divers this is a really good price performance pc if you buy a 3600 Art card from micros for 500 bucks you will not be disappointed and if you build a PC with that 5800 X 3D and probably a better GPU if we’re being perfectly honest you’ll be very happy as well so definitely check the links down below and go shop at your local Micro Center for your next PC build so guys we hope you enjoyed this video we had a lot of fun going to Micro Center but if you did check out our other two YouTube channels and also our toasty Bros do not forget to like comment and subscribe I’ll see you guys in the next one bye-bye and you guys would have known that we were at Micro Center if you checked out places like toasty Bros X Instagram Facebook Tik Tok and so much more and you can go go to our Discord server as well and share your PC build the setup showcase for chance to get featured here on the channel toosy Bros and all our social media links in the description down below see you guys later bye-bye woo

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    Not going to lie, I think the $500 PC is the winner here. Great PC for the price!

  2. @Lyncity

    19:17 The reason the game was running bad is because something in the AMD 24.6.1 update messed up some performance on Fortnite. Had to go back to 24.5.1 to get stable performance on a rx 6700xt. hope this helps!

  3. @highroad446

    If u guys had swapped video cards & goals you probably would have both succeeded 😂

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    When running Direct X 12 (especially on Fortnite), you have to play a few games for shaders to load and cache. After about 2-3 games you should be good.

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    You should go to the Micro Center in Royal Oak MI and do one of these challenges. The Royal Oak Micro Center is scarce of everything.

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    Fortnite on dx12 has to compile shaders in game after graphics driver updates or upon fresh installs causing super lag but usually gets better after a few games so the shaders are compiled

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    could have made sure your mobo had intel wifi module and youre set

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    Nice job Jackson, good looking well balanced build with impressive performance for the price.

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    He hit me in the feels when he said 3600. i feel outdated. lol.i have a 3700x 2070s oc combo in my pc.

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    I think the real crime here is pairing a 6600 with a 7700x :0
    Love yalls videos though

  14. I mean if you would have gone with the 3600 (5800x3d was just wasted in that system) and instead of a 6600 went with a bigger one you would easily have gotten 75fps.

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