Bulma CSS Framework – complete tutorial

Learn the best CSS framework since Bootstrap! If you want to take the interactive version of the course, visit this page: https://scrimba.com/g/gbulma

Bulma is the brainchild of CSS Guru Jeremy Thomas @jgthms. It’s a modern responsive CSS framework based on Flexbox. The framework makes scaffolding and designing websites a breeze with best-in-class documentation and well-designed, intuitive components and modifiers. ✨

Bulma is great not just for building but learning best HTML and CSS3 practices, too! It’s like having @jgthmsπŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ there the whole time. 😍

In this course, you’ll learn to create not one, not two, but three beautiful, responsive websites bootstrapped with Bulma in less than an hour.

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  1. lewis kori

    Great tutorial. very informative and covers the most important concepts of bulma. Good job mr.

  2. Mark Hallam

    How can I add a transition onto the mobile nav? Thanks. I just made a full-screen version.

  3. groovebird

    Why is Bulma based on flexbox and not css grid?

  4. Victor Q

    Share a git project please. You are pretty good at this. Am not good with UI I have done APIs only.

  5. okedetone

    That mouse movements is driving me crazy!

  6. Sf

    i dont understand why would i ever pick this over bootstrap or just any other thing? it even has a lame name 'bulma'

  7. haha

    You have to understand css very well to be able to create these effects because the details require a lot of css knowledge.

  8. Diana F

    Could you share your debug.css file?

  9. John Dann

    This needs re-editing with the presenter speaking at 60-70% of the speed and zero unnecessary mouse movements. It's like the whole video is on speed at present

  10. Please slow down a bit. I understand the material but I'm going to have a seizure from the mouse movements and the screen jerks


    Hi, where can I get "debug.css" that you used?

  12. Matt Copperwaite

    Seriously I feel sea-sick watching that mouse bounce around and flicking between screens

  13. Victor Westmann

    How can I get this super awesome and super dope CSS debugger??? πŸ™‚ pretty please??? πŸ˜‰

  14. Subroto Xing

    Unable to follow because th images files are not linked for download

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