Buy a Windows Laptop Now or Wait for 2023?

Buy a laptop now or wait for new laptops in 2023? There’s a lot of deals to be had right now but there’s also a few good reasons to wait for a laptop in 2023. Here’s some deals in the meantime:

Some great Laptops Deals:
ASUS ROG 13″ w/RTX 3050TI ($600 off) –
Surface Pro 8 ($600 off) –
ASUS G14 ($500 off) –
Razer Blade 14 ($800 off) –
Samsung Galaxy Book ($400 off) –

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  1. Matthew Moniz

    Are you waiting until next year to buy a laptop? If so, what are you thinking of getting? Also, if you missed it I reviewed the HP Omen 16 (Intel) Model which you can find here –

  2. Lenus Walker

    Thanks for the great video. I think I heard some static/interference in the left audio channel.

  3. AMH

    I was going to buy the Surface Pro 9 but Microsoft lost me with this very minor update. Will wait another year

  4. byFilipeCardoso

    I kinda need one now! But as a video editor the 40 series seems promising! DAMN!!!!!

  5. Lain Lain

    Nice video thanks. Ok to wait for gaming, but you talked about big 16 or 17' inch. Then, for 14' or 15' inch ? Are the 4000's series really interesting ?

  6. Gustavo Noronha

    I am more optimistic than you on AMD thin and lights. I think they will come very close to matching Apple Silicon in efficiency.

  7. wryd4sound

    To be more specific: the time frame for releases wildly varies between chipmakers. Intel mobile releases normally take 3 months from CES announcements at most to be released in large volume (March/april), whereas AMD will take at least 6 months (June/July) to even show up in retail, and large volume sales only ever show up in the following years. The situation for this year's Ryzen 6000 lineup has also been complicated with all the new releases of handheld PCs from Aya Neo and GPD where the RDNA2 integrated graphics have been proven to be especially popular.

  8. giorgos pap

    just wait till 2030 there will be 200% increase in performance

  9. Im pulling the trigger on a hp envy 15 i5 1255u variant. I tried it its light and seems to be very powerful. Whats your take on it? How is the battery and also how are 12th gen i5s? Are they satisfactory for a med students load?

  10. Pangolin

    So I’m researching laptops because a family member really needs one(for just regular use, e.g browsing and watching videos), and it’s Black Friday. I found a couple of deals which I find interesting: An MSI prestige 14 with i5 1240P and rtx 3050 for £510 and an ASUS vivobook 14 with with i5 12500H with no dGPU for £600. I am kind of torn because the Gpu performance on the prestige is better, but my family member isn’t gaming and the processor is faster. Also, the build quality is better on the vivobook from what I have heard. Which one would you recommend? Are there any other deals worth looking for? I would appreciate any advice, thanks!

  11. Arek Łuczyk

    TL;DR: if you need a laptop now, buy it now. If you don't, wait till next year 😊

  12. M Patterson

    Great timing. Really needed this video. Thank you.

  13. Watchandlearn91

    Even if you're in the market for a gaming laptop, there are some crazy good deals right now that you can take advantage of as long as you don't need to play your games at max quality 4k. For me, the gameplay is the most important and as long as the laptop can play it on low-medium at good enough FPS where it doesn't feel choppy, I'm good to go. There are a lot of laptops for a very good price on sale right now that can accomplish that.

  14. Joshua Allison

    We're probably not gonna see 40 series in laptops until mid 2023/early Q3 at least. We will see desktop GPUs come March probably but laptops are likely to be launched later going by Nvidia's track record. That's a long time in the tech world.

  15. Joel Conolly

    If you don't plan on buying this year, and still plan on collecting a bit more, no problem buying next year.

  16. Casper Ellison

    Went mad this 2022 shopping for 2021 models. Saved money but it did cost me a lot, as I cycled through ten 2021 laptop models in 11 months. This is me coming from a 2017 model of HP Omen and Dell Inspiron. Kept five out of 10.

    Upgrading from 3-4 years device, best to check deals from one generation below from current.

  17. Kalim Peltier

    Windows computers suck ass. I will never go back to Windows since I got my Apple Computer.

  18. vncube1

    If you want a 2022 laptop, get it now.
    If you want a 2023 laptop, get it this time next year when it actually arrives in your country.


  19. Deswill

    now is always the right time to buy unless you dont need it

  20. Bryan S

    My habit is to buy last gen electronics to save money but I have made exceptions in the past (like when I got the original Surface Book — I couldn't resist).

  21. Hi There

    I think wait for January to buy this year's laptops. This year's laptops are good for most people, plus SAVE MONEY!

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