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Buying a Cheaper Gaming Laptop in 2018

There are a lot of 6-core gaming laptops coming out with the new 8750H CPU but for gamers, the new CPUs aren’t really needed. Save some money with the previous generations!
$600 Gaming Laptop –
XPS & Alienware Refurb –
Acer Refurb –

Laptops with the 6700HQ and 7700HQ from the previous generation still put out very comparable numbers in gaming performance.

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  1. Otakun

    What about purchasing FreeDOS gaming laptop?

  2. HAM

    Lightly used? My dad uses his company issued laptop constantly… He always has wireless monitoring hardware running and its always pushed to it's limits… I think most laptops will be like that.

  3. KhanDaPwner

    thanks adbul karim bin haseen, although i have no idea why you would want to caption this video of all things

  4. Why am I feeling that there was no actual content in this video, it was just a high quality video and that's it.

  5. Fabian M

    just got an Asus Rog GL773VE for 200$$ 😀 … they thought the laptop went bad but all i did was reinstalled windows and boom :)!

    1tb . 128gb ssd

  6. I paid $400 for an open box (like new) Lenovo Y520 with an i7-i7700hq and an RX560 AMD GPU, which is about the same performance as the GTX 1050

  7. Dave I need a good laptop for gaming and video editing… My budget is under $800 .. Can yo tell me the best option please ❤️

  8. tobi_05

    Please deaktivate the auto translate for you video titel/description….

  9. James Stewart

    62 year old corporate executive… sporting an Alienware gaming laptop with backlit everything! Lolzz

  10. madcat2911

    What about laptops from companies like cyberpower and ibuypower

  11. Diwosh karki

    how to distuingsh refurb and new one… if i dont know exactly

  12. Toothpaste Boy


  13. Abhinav

    Should I go for i5 8th gen or 7th

  14. Tom GD

    I got the Dell Inspiron 15-7567 Gaming I think it still epic for 120hz gaming for me 😀

  15. j m

    Update pls Dave.😍😁

  16. soundbolt47

    I will never ever buy a Dell computer again. I have one, still works but after the warranty, it fucked up. $600 wasted, thank you Dell, very cool. It had viruses easier then the first year, it would never use the 920m inside it, and it was just fucking with me.

  17. clark kent

    Thanks for the tip about stress testing. Great Video!

  18. rog gl503 vs g7 vs g3 vs legion y530 vs nitro 5 vs helios 300 vs omen 15?

  19. estro ssa

    Found an i7,4gb Nvidia graphics with 8gb ram n full HD n many other cool gaming lvl features for 800$ cause that's what I wanted n I m satisfied n happy with it

  20. mikeee331390

    Thank you for uploading this. Your video was very informative and helped exponentially ✌🏼

  21. Princeza

    I think u don't know what cheap means !

  22. Slicer

    What was the red laptop in the thumbnail?

  23. Ro _ blex

    Man, back when gaming laptops were simple.

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