Buying A Gaming Laptop for 2018 – What to Avoid?

A buying guide to choosing the best gaming laptop going into 2018 with six-core Coffee Lake CPUs and high refresh 120 HZ screens.
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2017 was an awesome year for gaming laptops. The Nvidia GTX 10 series graphics chips gave a huge boost to mobile gaming. If you’re looking to buy a laptop going into 2018, here are my thoughts on what to look for and what to avoid.

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  1. Dave2D

    A short guide for people looking to buy a gaming laptop for the new year. Thanks for watching!

  2. i dont know why i keep watching this guy's videos. i am a hardcore gamer my laptop got lost and i am too broke to get a new one and watching Dave's video just kinda hurts but idk maybe i just like his work too much ☹️

  3. Mehdi Boutejdar

    could you make a review which laptop is nice for vr (and pricy) (like some gtx 1070 or rtx 2060 laptops)?

  4. kartik ganesh

    @DaveLee my dell 7567 gets very hot when I am playing GTA 5 even when I am playing the game at its lowest graphic settings the fps keeps dropping down I don't know what should I do

  5. 115Kramer

    This video is still relevant to this day. hope this gets an updated video for 2020 or 2021 Cheers Dave!

  6. Yutian Shi

    …the title is displayed in Chinese…i thought you learnt Chinese and made a video in Chinese

  7. ambati harsha

    bro which laptop is best for gaming and 3d work and editing work under 1 lakh 90 Acer Helios 700 is good or which laptop u prefer

  8. Strangeulation

    Why am I watching this when I just ordered a fully specced out 2020 Mech-55 g3 😐

  9. Ahdan Fauzan

    Dave im recently discovering your videos and I really enjoyed it. Would you please make this recommendation for 2020 gaming laptop? I’d appreciate

  10. Ravi Peiris

    Thank you. Regarding how I choose anything to purchase (be it a hotel stay, purchasing a laptop or car, etc.) is based on my customer service experience and those of others' experience with customer service. In specific regards to laptops, the keyboard and customer service ranks up high for me.

    Ravi Peiris M.D.

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