Call Recording Without Announcement!

You can now record calls without announcement in Android. Yes, there is a new option in the Google Phone aka Google Dialer …


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  1. A:)

    I don't have this option😢

  2. Sumit Trehan

    This does not serve the purpose of recording calls without notifying other party because eventually everyone will be aware of this feature and they will know beep soound means call is getting recorded.

  3. Mr_Green

    iphone users skipping this video silently.


    Is support or work for OnePlus 11r Google dialer

  5. sagar jadhav

    there is no option of Call Recording in setting in Pixel

  6. arun ghosh

    Thanks man… That shit was really annoying..😂

  7. Google diler ki behen ka bhosada madarchod…. Or realme one plus user oppo vivo valo tum log O diler download kr lo color os ka hai

  8. Sathish KS

    two-party consent is required in India to record the calls. Do Not use the word legally and do not spread misinformation to public.

  9. John Thomas Arul

    The best Samsung feature in Samsung phone is the Smart view feature which is removed from phones now(in my Galaxy a14 5g too)
    Suggest a solution for this sir
    (Without using wifi)

  10. Harpal Singh

    Abe chutiye baat to same hi hua na pata to chal hi jaega samne wala ko record ho raha hai beep sound se🤬

  11. Ramakrishna MV

    Iqoo has inbuilt call recording feature, you just need to enable it

  12. Aman Shaikh

    As a pixel & user, I see this as an absolute defeat.

  13. Tri K

    Thanks mate. I just did this setting

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