Callisto Protocol – 9 Things WE CAN'T WAIT TO DO

There’s no shortage of reasons to be excited about Striking Distance Studios’ upcoming survival horror title.


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  1. Bearded Badger

    Preprdered this game.never preordered a game.before but i had to get this one

  2. Houman N

    We cant wait to dance and sign a song on day of release for this wonderful game. Dead space still looks like a ps3 game remaster lol

  3. Marco

    I already have $66 on my account..I need another $50 then I'm buying the deluxe edition!

  4. DaVillain

    Already pre-order the deluxe edition on Steam and so ready to play it day one!

  5. Nox Caelum

    I DARE an enemy to try and jump into a vent while I’m looking imma grab it’s dumbass

  6. stephen meinhold

    i have seen in depth coverage on youtube lots of it and i feel confident saying this is going to rock your world, i am immune to most horror but this looks realistic and the biomutant enemys look good enough to be in movies, i can imagine playing this with some friends and haveing a great time mainly due to my own grusome deaths.

  7. Shawn M

    Shoot the monsters in the testicles…er, I mean tentacles. 😉

  8. BucklingSwashes

    Both this and the Dead Space remake are looking absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait for either of them.

  9. Ryan Smith

    All my other horror fans, we have a duty to buy this game. We have to support developers that are still bringing experiences like this.

  10. reggiep75

    This looks like everything that Scorn wished it was gonna be. I'm looking forward to it!

  11. edward z

    I can't wait to get my hands on this one looks completely bonkers 😲

  12. Chris Lair

    I have been so freaking excited for this game for so long and today a new story probably got me more excited than even the launch trailer. It turns out Japan wanted to censor the crap out of this game and the developers said no. Japan is not even getting the game! How crazy is that? I gotta play this now

  13. tokyo sen

    I wonder if there will be any dead space references?

  14. Usman Tariq

    Can’t wait to play as Josh Duhamel in this upcoming spiritual successor to Dead Space.

  15. Dalamar85

    Preordered 😎 let's the horror begin 🤪

  16. MiketheMan

    The deluxe edition comes with a Season Pass meaning there's more content coming post launch 🤯🤯🤯

  17. Aee Krypton

    I played Deadspace 3 multiple times. I like the storyline and mystery ending For Isaac Clarke. I will not hesitate to get Calisto protocol.

  18. Darren Reilly

    can't wait for this and dead space remake.. good few months we got coming

  19. Dank Memer 74

    The Callisto Protocol, Dead Space Remake & RE4R Look So Hype!

  20. Spooky Floyd

    All my other horror fans, we have a duty to buy this game. We have to support developers that are still bringing experiences like this.

  21. The King86

    Cannot wait for this and Dead space remake, then RE4 remake a few months after Dead space, Then I believe Alan wake 2’is later on next year or early 2024

  22. Susan Collins

    But I’ve Got Dead Space Trilogy On PS3 Which Are Great Fun Games To Play Still ?. This Looks Too Familiar Already…Evil West & Forspoken For My Collection !

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