Can A $150 Monitor Be Any Good? Viotek NB24C Review

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Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed
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Can A $150 Monitor Be Any Good? Viotek NB24C Review

Disclaimer: Any pricing information shown or mentioned in this video was accurate at the time of video production, and may have since changed

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Marcio Cattini

    Do one of the MSI full hd 144htz it's the same Samsung VA panel

  2. Vaxtin

    I quite like that closing beat.

  3. Eliran Tuil

    You get sent a lot of monitors because you are the best monitor reviewer in YT. 👌

  4. Eliran Tuil

    I would love a review on some cheap 60hz/72hz Ips monitors. I do game a lot but I just can't imagine my modded skyrim on a some of the TNs I saw. It was a real challenge when I looked for one around a year ago.

  5. TheDireLynx

    VA panels tend to have a colour shift when viewed at an angle, right? Doesn't that mean that a curved VA panel could look better than a flat one because you're not seeing the edges at a slight angle?

  6. appleache

    this is exactly the 24 inch pixio used to sell, with a different stand.

  7. great vid as always! would love to see you reviewing the aoc c24g1 1080p, 144hz, freesync, VA-Panel, curved. New budget Gaming Monitor which is going for about 200€. thx in advance!

  8. hiczok

    Are You going to review lg 32gk850g ? It is supposedly the best monitor for gaming and movies

  9. Turbocharger

    Does this match the GN24C? I'm looking to get the 144hz GN24C as my main monitor along with 2 of these. I know you said in the video it is SIMILAR but would these line up well together and not be noticeable that they are different models?

  10. Patrick Leahy

    Just bought this monitor, subscribed to be a patreon to unlock this profile, how do i apply this profile using a MacBook Pro?

  11. Boss og

    So can I play my Nintendo switch fortnite on it?😁 please reply

  12. Landon

    So this will run a ps4 with like no games I'm guessing?

  13. derMemory

    Anybody try overclocking the refresh-rate on this baby?

  14. FBI

    Can u connect ps4 to this monitor

  15. BloxinDoeZ

    That intro sounds like someone drinking water with problems

  16. EnderGamingFilms

    Hey so I became a Patreon to get the monitor calibraiton profile a while ago and I just reinstalled windows and I no longer have the calibration file. Is there any way I can get it again without re-joining the patreon?

  17. panson grim

    so is this worth buying so i can play for my ps4??

  18. Nathan

    What's the hertz? Never mind I'm to impassioned to listen for more than 2 minutes 😂😂😂

  19. Viuznn

    Can I use a Xbox one for this ?

  20. Grayson Moore

    i dont know how to connect mine to my ps4 can someone help?

  21. Ak47

    Every damn console will work with any monitor that has hdmi. stop asking jeez

  22. Rob M

    Wow! This was a really informative vid, esp. for a low end monitor. Thanks! I just bought two of these. $109 each at Walmart!!! For that price and the fact I love curved monitors Its worth it. Ya I know it's not 144hz or 4K. Also just bought a RX 580 which will push this monitor to it's fullest capability. Ya probably will bottleneck the 580 as far as these monitors go but I also have a 4kTV so won't be watching movies on these monitors. Basically just wanted curved 75hz (144hz price jump just to much) for all day staring at computer. And at $109/per is an amazing price for what you get.

  23. Decoyz R6

    How do i turn the volume down on this monitor?

  24. Diø

    where would the wall mount go exactly?

  25. Crow Zero

    Which one is better viotek nb or viotek gn?

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