Can Anything Beat the Dell Optiplex?!

Today we buy a RX 6600 graphics card, which is a great gaming card, BUT we pair it with an older prebuilt that is incredibly cheap! We then try the same card in a brand new gaming system that we built for as cheap as possible to see what the price Vs. performance differences are!

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  1. DongilatorLV

    I have hp 8200 i5 2400 upgraded from 8 to 16gb ram and gt 1030. 256gb ssd 1tb hdd

  2. Chris Worthman

    My favorite parts are the gameplay where you show it even when you lose. Rare in a heavily edited, photoshopped perfect world.

  3. Logan Triccas69

    What is the system you guys are using in the corner to show the fps and ram and gpu?

  4. Derek Jarman

    Just got a SFF 7040 – popped a 6400 in it and some more ram – good to go for $400cdn!

  5. Dewayne Howse

    My son just blew up an Aries game power supply. His system is an Intel 11400 with rx6600xt.

  6. Michael Thompson

    For the ultra budget starter pc for a youngin’ an Optiplex w/ a cheaper used GPU is fine. For a more mature (not necessarily emotionally mature πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦πŸ€¦β€β™€) person….. go the prebuilt or diy custom route πŸ‘πŸ˜‡πŸ₯°

  7. LG

    Cod is very cpu heavy.

  8. WolfmanZo

    Still glad my Optplex plays everything I need it too. It's got some older hardware, but it hasn't given me a reason to upgrade yet. Inten Xeon E3-1230 V2 CPU and an RX 580 8GB GPU.

  9. Bob Johnston

    I got the i3 as a placeholder for my system upgrade and am very impressed by its performance.

  10. Charles Burris

    There's nothing wrong with an Optiplex if you can get it cheap enough to upgrade a bit. Great value for relatively little money.

  11. patrizzull

    HP Elitedesk 800 G3…or do a comparison of office PC variants in SFF.

  12. DokiMin

    why was the 6600 shipped in the retail box as you can see the shipping label on it

  13. Hey_Demonic

    Hey I want to buy a gaming PC I don't know what is the best PC for gaming I need help please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  14. Zack Jaworski

    It looks like your cpu Temps on the 6700 were causing some throttling there

  15. Jose Ramirez

    Hey toasty bros I’m a 14 year old kid looking for a good 300$ and under pc to play games like Minecraft, fortnite, overwatch and many more. Are you able to help me find a good pc if you can, thank you and I love the content.

  16. Erdie5

    I went with the Costco $1299 XPS 8940 with the 3060ti last year when GPUs were stupid. At the time, the price of the 3060ti and 11700 were pretty much the entire cost.

    Added a proper tower cooler and intake fan, aside from that I will admit it's been fine to the point I haven't been tempted to scavenge parts.

    Also have a 7010 optiplex sff at work with a gddr5 gt1030 in it. Love that little thing. That system was what convinced me to give the XPS a try.

    Guaranteed I'll go back to building my own when the time comes to upgrade, but so far I've been happy.

  17. Matthew Cale

    I have this exact setup with my Optiplex (Minus the power supply which I upgraded with an EVGA 450W) I'm super happy with the performance so far. I got the dell Optiplex in a trade for with an Xbox one s, and the bought the graphics card second-hand. so accounting for the value of the Xbox plus what I paid for the GPU im in only $350 for a sweet 1080p medium/high settings machine.

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