Can the Galaxy S9 Save Lives?

My review of the blood pressure sensor on the Samsung S9+ with the My BP Lab App – Developed by UCSF in collaboration with Samsung.
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  1. Dave2D

    Blood pressure monitoring on a phone is a neat idea. The tech seems legit but it needs some time to mature. Thanks for watching!

  2. siong

    thank god i watched this, conclusion it's not that useful at the moment.

  3. Kenny McCormick

    The phone isnt gunna save anyone. Fucking make those fat people fit.

  4. Andrew Paint

    It's just a gimmick, making use of a typical disadvantage of machine learning, namely OVER FITTING.

  5. Andrew Paint

    this kind of blood pressure masuring device, you can find a lot of them at taobao. Most of them are less than twenty bucks.

  6. Alex Coreable

    at the end of the day the changes in BP are what matter, a single blood pressure number does not mean anything, you want to have changes in BP for diagnosis, follow-up, and determine a response to meds.

  7. muzikmon2267

    I have a GALAXY NOTE 9 but I've always had galaxies since the Galaxy S3.

    The heart rate and oxygen sensor in general is ridiculously accurate.. my wife is a nurse and we have tested it out against the REAL equipment and it works.

    Even the blood pressure as long as you measure your heart rate the right way in the right position is very accurate vs acuff-wrist or a wrist blood pressure machine…

  8. Oloko o cara escrever duas línguas nss eu pensei que era português o video

  9. Emil Westman

    It says that (This item is not available in your country) what do i do

  10. TheZontania

    Can you confirm that the S Health app is able to measure oxygen levels in your blood and stress levels? My S7 does that. I asked Samsung on chat today and their member of staff said you can't do this any more on any of their phones, but it seems like she hasn't got it right from what you say? I found the S7 a life saver. I knew when my health was on a downward spiral by the oxygen levels (87%) and was able to talk to my GP and improve my situation. The pedometer encouraged me to walk more, even if it was just a few steps and the food diary with its badges made me aware of how what I was consuming was impacting my health. I think every phone should have this! At the end of the day, a mobile phone is the one thing we all carry with us at all times. (It used to be a watch, but now it is the mobile phone that has become the most important accessory.) When I was out of breath, how would I have known if it was due to exercise or suffocating without it? With it I learned how my lungs behaved and it helped me beat the panic. Seriously. There might have been things wrong with that phone but I am reluctant to say goodbye to it because of the health monitoring.

  11. Manan Dhruve

    Well the app is saying your mobile doesnot have sensor even though I own S9.
    Is it like it only works for S9+??

  12. 69! Solo

    East or West Samsung is the best. ☝️😍👌

  13. exxx247

    An easy way to affect your blood pressure without exercise is to drink a hot coffee. Lie down vs stand up. Raise the arm above your head and below your body. There's literally a ton of ways to affect blood pressure at the point it is measured.

  14. Best Before

    never thought I would hear dave saying cardiovascular desease

  15. smithy

    This is interesting as my mum suffers from high blood pressure. I would be very interested to know how accurate the o2 saturation monitor is as I am asthmatic and have 2 asthmatic children.

  16. mango091

    great, now even the bp monitor is racist

  17. Mandy Moraes

    hi i have a problem, before he used to read the normal blood pressure now he informs that there is no blood pressure sensor on the device and asks me to inform manual. What do you suggest? There was no update on the device, it just stopped working out of nowhere.

  18. Wayne Miller

    I live with my grandma and she has a blood pressure machine and we don't know if it's accurate and I use the Samsung all the time it is a tremendous help and saved her life about a month ago when she had what they call a silent heart attack

  19. Wayne Miller

    You can sign into a different profile and calibrate it for anyone you want

  20. Jake Chechnik

    I had to really watch my blood pressure for a while, this would have been awesome to have

  21. Brett Mackay

    So in these older videos, is my man standing or sitting?

  22. Fahim Auric

    Does this feature work on s10 series and s20 series as well?


    I have an S9+ but the apps kept saying that the sensor doesn't exist on this device what to do??!

  24. Sahil vashisth

    They improve so much that they remove sensor after s10 series🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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