Can You Use a Dual Core CPU For Gaming And Is It Worth It? [Simple Guide]

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Is a dual-core CPU enough or do you need something more powerful, say a quad-core CPU, or even a hexa-core CPU?

This is exactly the issue that this video will be tackling so keep watching if you want to know if you should go for that dual-core processor if you want to be gaming.

0:00 Intro
0:43 Picking a gaming CPU
1:33 The Selection
1:48 The Selection: AMD A-Series
2:26 The Selection: Intel Celeron
3:00 The Selection: Intel Pentium
3:29 The Selection: Intel Core i3 7th Gen
4:35 Second-Hand CPUs
5:06 Conclusion


This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. wesley schmidt

    you forgot AMD Athlon 200GE – Dual Core trows all cores in video behind it XD

  2. Jon B

    Not gaming but 200$ work rig

  3. I got a intel Pentium e6600 3ghz overclock to 3.496ghz and it can play dota2 at 1376×768 and play call of duty black ops 1 & 2 and mw 2 and 3 at 1920×1080 and it still kick ass play YouTube movie at 1920×1080.

  4. Bruh fact: i use amd a series for gaming (but it has quad core)
    I only play games that released before 2013

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