Can You Use a Dual Processor Motherboard For Gaming And Is It Worth It? [Simple]

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If one CPU is the standard, then two processors in a single motherboard should give you much better performance?

Not quite, and we’ll explain why in this video. Keep watching!

0:00 Intro
1:17 The Perks of Dual Processor Motherboards
1:53 CPU in Gaming
3:24 RAM in Gaming
4:43 PCIe Bandwidth
5:16 Conclusion


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  1. skylarks

    Maam its ok to have 2 proccesor not lame if 1 proccesor got malfunction you have 1 proccesor running so the creator made a real MOBO

  2. Arlind Jashari

    I have A dual Cpu Pc With 2(processors) Xeon E5450 3.3Ghz For each Cpu . is that good or not for gaming.

  3. Hirokuro

    What about work with graphics and video editing? Is it worth getting say x99 mobo with 2 e5 xeons? And giving it about 32gb ram ?

  4. WG Parkinson

    You say it's not needed but there's literally zero downside to doing a dual CPU setup… It's way cheaper than the mainstream chips.
    She is sponsored by them all tho so of course she pushes the cliche shit

  5. Viking 2121

    Wish my ram ran at 3200ghz, im stuck with a tiny 3200mhz….

  6. Kevin

    Right side Left side
    Intel Ryzen
    Capitalism Communism

  7. Vlad Mishyn

    i dont know why but i need to have 2 i9 and 240 gb ram with water cooling

  8. 유지태

    I wanted to know if 2 cpu is better performance. But this video only says you don't need 2cpu because you don't lol

  9. Kang Hardi

    What if 2 cpu are not same tipe/series forexample xeon e5 2620 witgh e5 2665 and instal together in the 1 motherboard, it work or not?

  10. Said Ferdjallah

    I think that its Interesting for parallel simulation for Ansys …Aspenone..autocad…..solidworks…..etc

  11. Anon E. Moose

    Dual CPUs are good for things like virtualization. They're excellent if you're going to be doing many things at once.

  12. Ham

    Yeah but warzone, tell me how much CPU Power I need for warzone. I still hit 100% cpu usage easily on a daily basis with a i7 77k

  13. I bought a server back in the day that was probably worth millions of dollars at one point in time for three dollars at a university auction. It had 16 processors on one board. It had enough ram to fill a building. Did I ever use it for anything worth a shit? No. I parted it out. All it was was a house heater. I did mine some bitcoin with it back in the day when that was easy to do. And it was only worth about three cents a bitcoin. Too bad I can’t go back and get all that back. Not the computer but the bitcoin. Lol. Everything is just overkill if you ask me. Right now I still run a DDR3 six core AMD that absolutely rips anything that I can throw at it

  14. tobias genez

    a mi no me gusta lo que llaman gamer es solo una estupides el gamin

  15. poplaflop 909

    I dont give a fuck if i should i wanna know if i can if i have 2 cpus then i want to not run a gpu

  16. Even 3 years later, it's a great video. Straight to the point and efficient. No waffling and I can even choose to stay and learn about this feature if I feel interested.

  17. Arijit Ghosh

    Is it good for performance? And does the game uses the more powerful CPU among both in order to run?

  18. DemoN__AdriaN

    there is more contradicting information. almost as if made by assumptions.

  19. Brian Rosie

    Maybe have one CPU run the operating system and the other CPU dedicated to gaming, this way there's no performance loss

  20. Sonic Shorts123

    But what happens if you want to run a Minecraft server and the other one can take the Minecraft server and the second congested the gameplay you're playing Minecraft at your own server

  21. rdsii64

    I know this is an old video. With that said, if your primary purpose is a gaming rig, a dual cpu system is not your first choice and shouldn't really be on your radar. However if you have a dual cpu rig for another reason and want to game a little during your down time, just know the limitations.

  22. Perkunas T

    Your wrong 2 CPUs gives you more memory, more band with, more cores, double the cash.
    Yes it will have a little latency as your juggling between two CPU's but the advantages out weigh the negatives.

  23. ismaeil mohammed

    my laptop cane with a two core processor with integrated graphics so I want to buy a better cpu and use the integrated graphics at the same time till I buy an external GPU

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