Carved 1 of 1 – iPhone / Galaxy Cases ( You NEVER Seen This Before )

Carved 1 of 1 – iPhone / Galaxy Case
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  1. @Ikram232

    naa the fur blocking the cameras way too funny 不不

  2. @vintagesoul1976

    FLOSSSSS!! I made the jump. I no longer have Apple. I have the 24 Ultra, and I regret i didn't switch sooner. Great phone, I'm in love with it. Thank you for the reviews, part of my decision to get one was the reviews hahaha

  3. @SEC99

    Did you make the flight or do we owe you one?

  4. This was pure comedy I died laughing at those one of one cases Flossy win out不不不不

  5. I think I subbed your channel from the original carved video. You made me pull the trigger on my Samsung case from carved. I wanted something nice with the magnetic charging capabilities. The case has held up very well. Thank you for doing these deep dives and being consumer minded. Most of these taste makers only care for endorsements.

  6. @cirocobama

    YO HOLDUP? Fuck is you talking bout in the outro?! New stream on Sundays?!?? Wtf son? Since when? And where? And please dont say twitch

  7. @cirocobama

    Yooooo I cant with that furry joint
    Son gonna look like he makin a phone call with a hamster
    Had me weak

  8. @NoamAsulin

    It can be made from gold. 200$ for a case? Nah. Even if it's hand made with all respect

  9. @jurt00

    Are the prices of those cases an April fools? Because theres no way in hell Id pay almost $200 for a case, especially this far in the release cycle.

  10. @Only1TReal

    Bruh if there was a camera on my face when I saw the grass case!!

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