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here in the US when you think July 4th you think cookouts festivals and fireworks you probably don’t think TV deals but as it turns out LG is running a killer sale throughout the holiday weekend that’s so good I had to make a video about [Music] it welcome back to nit nerds news a special July 4th holiday edition now if you’ve been a faithful follower of the show you know we’re moving to uploading a new episode of the show to every two weeks and changing up the format a bit this isn’t exactly that but since we’ve got a super short week this week due to the holiday and because LG is running a sale that I think could easily fly under your deals radar I decided we dive a little bit into this sale now before I go on this is not a sponsored video however if you choose to use the links we’ve provided down in the description Digital Trends will get a commission on the sale which is a great way to help us out as we try to help you out with saving some money on a killer new TV I also want to say that when I say these are some of the best prices I’ve seen on some of these TVs that is not just like all the other deals headlines you probably have blowing up your feed I don’t do that here if I speak up on a deal in one of my videos it’s legit worth looking at so with that in mind here’s what’s catching my eye now a point of clarification these deals appear to be LG exclusives meaning you’re buying from LG’s retail operation on LG’s site you might have some luck getting a local brick-and-mortar retailer to price match but there’s no guarantees there I will say though that if you were to walk into a retailer that specializes in selling TVs ready to buy right then and there and you bring this deal to them I mean the right motivated salesperson you might get lucky and if you do hey that’s a cool story so tell us about it in the comments now here’s the tricky part as of right now there’s a code that is giving me an extra 15% off when applied at checkout I don’t know how long this will last but there’s a chance it may still be live by the time this video goes up so try it out if not though these are killer deals either way so the first deal that caught my eye is the LG 65 in C3 OLED for 1,500 before the code and just 1250 after I swear I never thought I’d see the day when you could get a premium 65in o Le TV for so little but here it is we’re living in those times now the 77 inc3 that model just went out of stock like right before I recorded this it was at two grand down to 1,700 with the code I hope it comes back but that’s just a reminder to act fast because even with the deals running through the weekend these could go out of stock quickly now the C3 is a 2023 model which explains some of the savings the newer C four model at 77 in also on sale at $3,000 $25.50 with the code that’s a discount of about 1,00 bucks but the C3 is a better deal and probably the easiest and best way to get OLED picture quality on the cheap the LGC series along with the Samsung S90 series is consistently the smartest Buy in OLED TV and the C3 is an amazing TV if you’re upgrading from anything like 3 years years or older you can expect to be delighted that Samsung s90c 77 in by the way is $2,300 also an awesome deal just not as good as the LG C3 deals in terms of price the LG G3 is also on sale the 77 in is $3500 while the 65 in is $2,300 both awesome deals and that’s before the 15% off code I would just encourage you to think about whether you really need the added brightness punch of the higher end G3 or if you just love the idea of getting the no Gap wall mount in the Box along with a super flat and thin profile if you want those extra premium features the G3 is the way to go for most folks now keep in mind that the 77in G3 doesn’t have the slightly brighter more efficient micro lens array panel though you do get that in the 55 and 65 in sizes but I think anyone looking at this TV for a space where the light in the room can be dimmed won’t miss MLA one bit now you’ll see that LG also has its B series OLED TVs on sale both the 2023 B3 and 2024 B4 models and look those are solid OLED TVs there’s no doubt about it but if I was your personal shopper and was trying to help you decide what to buy with no Commission on the line just speaking to what I think I’d say Pony up a little extra for the C Series and the reason why is that the LG C- series oleds have better processing than the B series and that’s going to pay off in terms of upscaling lower quality content like live streaming TV and YouTube videos that’s a feature I think is pretty meaningful uh to most folks these days you know yourself best so it’s your call I’ll just say that I as a rule feel a lot better about the ceries as being the right choice for the most folks finally you’ll see that LG is also discounting a little a couple of it Q Ned TVs now I like what I’ve seen from the 2024 LG QED TV lineup but I have not fully evaluated them and the savings are just not as exciting the real reason I’m here talking about these deals is because the OLED prices are amazing and every week that passes brings those 2023 models closer to just being sold out everywhere so I kind of feel like now is the time to secure one I don’t see the prices dropping much more than this if at all and they’re soon going to be hard to get if not just gone entirely so pull the trigger on one of these if they sound good to you and once the fireworks have subsided outside you’ll be ready for some fireworks inside with your new LG OLED TV happy forth everyone we’ll see you again in a couple of weeks thanks so much for watching everyone do me a favor and smash that like button if you enjoyed this video subscribe for more if you’d like drop a comment and let me know if you end up going for one of these great deals I’ll see you on the next one and until then here’s two other videos I think you might like

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  1. @digitaltrends

    We've already noticed a few models going out of stock and some promo codes expiring. There's still some awesome deals to be had and 15% promo codes are still active. As of now we can confirm the following codes are working: HECA04868, HECA04873, HECA04876, HECA04877

    If the listed codes appear to be expired, try creating a code by changing the 5 digits after "HECA" to see if it works.

    We'll keep track of the promo codes through tomorrow and update if the promo code discount appears to be dead.

  2. @mazharh4186

    Your coupon code trick (HECA*****) netted me a $645 discount on a 77 inch LG G4

  3. Just ordered B3 77 inch @ $1640.91 including free wall mount and mounting service. Plus will get 6% back from Amex. HECA04897 worked for me. Thank a lot @digitaltrends 😊

  4. @user-jd5sj8jx7r

    C3 65 and 77 are gone, snd BB won't match the discount code, but they do have same base price. Sounds like this was purely an LG warehouse clearance deal.

  5. @user-fj1rh3sn8f

    With Amazon, you have to watch the price like a hawk, literally check it every evening. For months I've been watching the price of the LG G3 65" OLED – my desire was to grab it once it dipped below $2,000.00. On the evening of June 7th, it was offered for $1,952.00, and I grabbed it (and have been very happy since!) The very next morning, it went back up to $2,229.00.

    It's strange, but that's the pattern I found, at least for Amazon and the pricing of this device. I noticed on the evening of July 1st, it dipped down to an incredible $1,883.00. I'm still happy I pulled the trigger at $1952.00 last month, but this shows it pays to look at items every evening to see if it changes. Sure enough, the next day (July 2nd) it went back up to $2,296.00.

    My advice is to look every evening, which is when these discounts tend to appear.

  6. @nicks2048

    Codes are working! Snagged a 77in G4 for $3929 after tax. Compared to the camelcamelcamel history of the G3 that's bigger than the discount that as was offered around Black Friday last year (lowest recorded was $3996 on the G3 and that's before tax). Thought I was going to have to wait until Oct/Nov to score a deal this great on the G4. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work DT team!

  7. @DavidHieber

    This has probably been asked before, but I would love to get a YouTube playlist of your "demo videos" that you use & show tiny pieces of during your reviews. Thanks for all the great videos, and if you have a list you want to share that would be awesome!

  8. @Victornup

    Glad I subscribed! You just saved me $216.75 on a TV I was already going to buy at Best Buy this weekend. I did the random code thing and after 10 guesses, it worked!

  9. I would be very tempted to buy a 77" OLED if it wouldn't be replacing an 82" TV. I have an 82" Samsung QLED in my living room and an 82" regular Samsung TV in my bedroom. I've never really noticed much of a difference in picture between those TVs. Both seem great to me. I might notice a difference if I had them side by side, but they are a little bulky to move to the same room just to satisfy my curiosity. If I end up upgrading one of my TVs, it would be to get a larger screen. While I am unlikely to spend $20,000 on a 115" TV, TCL has much more reasonable 98" models. TVs have come pretty far since I was a kid, and my family had one 19" TV. I still remember how huge the new 25" model my Dad bought seemed. If my Dad wasn't already there, he would be in heaven if he had such a large TV.

  10. @TheswedishDane

    LG spyiing on you and Selling your information to the highest bidder is kinda of a big no no, but I guess nits are the only thing that counts ?

  11. @videobandit

    This would have made the G3 @ 65” price closer to my budget. However I ended up getting the Samsung S90C 65” direct from Samsung for $1349.00. Plus they added a 2 year warranty at no charge. Sorry LG, too late 😊😊

  12. @rric31

    Random code for the 65" C3 worked for me. I don't even remember what code I used as I had to try 3 or 4 different ones and it worked……Free delivery and after taxes, $1,306……..Thanks so much for this video as well as the others. Great content.

  13. @Barbarapape

    This is similar to the LG backed discounts that ended on the 16 June in the UK.
    These were available at retailers not just on LG direct.
    Having had to return my C3 for panel failure i declined a replacement.
    The banding and pink hue were not acceptable to me.
    Good luck finding one instock, i would try your local stores, you may need them
    if you are unlucky like i was and get a bad sample.

  14. @piotrbelka

    Following up B-series vs. C-series processing comment – will it matter if I use AppleTV (box) for streaming and never use TV's smart features (streaming apps)?

  15. @FHC1944

    I already got the 77 inch LG C3 for 2000$ + a bonus/cashback of 500$ here in Sweden. So basically 1500$. 😁 That's extremely cheap since the C2 77 inch last year didn't get below 2500$ here in Sweden.

    It's fit extremely well in my newly bought apartment

  16. @randyduncan795

    I guess I'll hold out to Black Friday for a G4 deal unless I find something better on an A95L.

  17. @kiiro_ranger

    LG's partners store has some great discounts. I just bought a C4 77" for $2253 (tax included). Came with a free EZ slim wall mount and a free Soundbar (S70TY). I just couldn't say no to that. BTW the promo code there was CELEBRATE

  18. @dogsbark5750

    I bought a 77in G3 a few weeks ago at Best Buy for $2279 with the stand… it has MLA the 83in does not. The 83in was $3279 and the 55/65 were not on clearance

  19. @CC_72

    bought the C3 for $1150 after taxes yesterday after combining the coupon code+honey cash back+capital one cashback for LG, (of course gotta wait for the cashback but still worth it)

  20. To feel comfortable enough to wear a simple cotton-spandex t-shirt while filming for millions of people in a studio… How freeing.

  21. @michael-4k4000

    Totally agree, spend a little extra for the C. Unless you have never had an oled, then any oled will blow u away

  22. Just order 65 inch G3 with Promo code modified (random 4 digits until a set worked)and free mounting paid for by LG for just over 2 thousand with tax. THANK YOU!!

  23. @sage11x

    I’m disappointed. I thought projectors were done? Where is my 120” OLED for $2500? What the hell LG? Get in the game!

  24. @brianhall3268

    you were right about any random 5 numbers for the promo code…my first guess worked and I got the 65 inch c3 for $1300!

  25. @kuromikally

    My husband and I just got an insane deal on the 77 C3 at Video Only in Bellevue, Washington. I think they have a few stores on the west coast. I would definitely check them out. Always great to support a local business still specializing in tech!

  26. @EmblemParade

    For what it's worth: my experience ordering directly from LG a few months ago was very negative. Their customer support is confused and unhelpful. Especially if you are including installation in the deal, make sure to call LG and insist on getting the direct phone number for their local delivery/installation contractor.

  27. @mikem608

    When are you going to do the new qm8 vs u8n review?!?!?!

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