You are currently viewing CES 2018 – The Thinnest Laptop + MONSTER Displays!

CES 2018 – The Thinnest Laptop + MONSTER Displays!

CES 2018 has some neat stuff! Here’s some stuff i got to see on the first day. Micro LED TVs, Ultra thin laptops, Nvidia BFG Displays. 2018 looks like it’ll have some ripe tech.

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  1. Dave2D

    The GIANT 65" Nvidia gaming displays are freaking awesome. Definitely the coolest thing for me so far. What are you guys looking forward to from CES?

  2. Harvest Market

    Hey hey hey nice Burton shirt – what kind of board do you ride? Thanks for the video =]

  3. Govind Avadhani

    Lock in the Exposure maaahn 🙁 🙁 it's possible on smartphones too

  4. Dean Churchman

    Watching a video about 8K TV's and 120Hz 4K monitors on my 22" 1080p60 monitor.


  5. Ismael

    Hi, the new acer nitro V seems to be interesting, but i barely understand AMD gpu compared to nvidia ones. So Dave lee if you can make a video comparing AMD and Nvdia in term of laptop gpu it will be nice.

  6. shane avlis

    Amd Running so cool best choice for laptop I think

  7. sam deepak

    Bottom line is Smartphones are Smartphones by the end of the day.
    That Acer Swift is just stellar.

  8. Autophorie

    Quality is not that bad actually. Noticeable difference to the other videos, but travel is about light and easy or let's say about a quick first impression 🙂

  9. Hyperion

    What phone did you use to record this?

  10. Tiago Dagostin

    Hi Dave. I think the image quality is quite good, despite the exposure jumping up and down. The problem is the audio quality, that kinda sucks, the mic filtered out some low end freq and made your voice sound thin. But it's ok still. Love your videos.

  11. Arco Mxxnxn

    I hate, super thin computers. I want a thicker laptop with a 3 day battery

  12. adir mugrabi

    what is your definition of a "laptop"? is the yoga book not a laptop?

  13. Please, make a video "Best Gaming laptop under $1500."

    Make the video a little bit long, so that we can understand all clearly.

    Please please please. Do this.

  14. hey mr lee I'm sure you have a laptop showroom in south korea or japan is not it or it is in china

  15. Travis Linville

    I think BFG was a poor choice on NVidias part, there's no way I can't think of the BIG FUCKING GUN when someone says BFG

  16. levi ackerman

    whatdya guys think of the hp omen 15 with 120hz display? is it worth it?

  17. soupistasty5

    Dave Lee, next CES if you haven't learned your lesson & you're not hauling around a Sony PXWZ450, Sony HXCFB75SC, RED Weapon/Helium 8K S35 with all the add on's or, dare I say it something ghetto like a Sony AX1 or Canon C200… then I'm just gonna have to fly down to L.A. & beat that ASS! Stay crispy.

  18. johny wijaya

    Those are fashion laptop. The most important point, buying a laptop, is to get your things done.

  19. Phylax

    I feel like the BFG could be referring to the book by Roald Dahl 'The Big Friendly Giant'.

  20. BMO na

    The thinner the laptop (as in thin as it can get), the more harder it is to repair by yourself, the more expensive it'll be, the more it flexes and need extra protection as well as the more easy it'll heat up. Nope

  21. Haywire

    Is it just me or whenever a league of legends ad comes on I never skip it

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