Change Icons Font Size in Windows 10

Change Icons Font Size in Windows 10

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Do you want to make the font icons larger while keeping your display set to its recommended resolution and default DPI. Well there is a way to do this with software which can change text size for Icons using “System Font Size Changer” by WinTools

Changing icons will make font size changes to

Address bars
Change File Explorer

You can also change these below:

* Change Text Size for Title Bars in Windows 10
* Change Text Size for Message Boxes in Windows 10
* Change Text Size for Tooltips in Windows 10
* Change Text Size for Title Bars in Windows 10
* Change Text Size for Menus in Windows 10
* Change Text Size in Windows 10
* Change the Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 10

Don’t want to use software? well you can change text size for Icons using a REG file from tenforums.

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Üf

    Or you could just press CTRL and mouse scroll……Your welcome.

  2. designeranne80

    THANK YOU!!! I've been trying to find a way to change the font size for my dad. This works PERFECTLY!!! :o)

  3. Ronnie Jones

    Thank you… it worked… what I don't understand is why they make it so difficult where you have to go to a website and download a program. With my XP i could do that within the system and they made it simple enough that I didn't need to search online to figure it out. To me this is not OP advancement or improvement when they make simple things more difficult and time consuming.

  4. Rudo Zavala

    This is exactly what I was looking for, I was frustrated with win 10 having no such a basic customization, thank you man you really saved my eyes.

  5. mikem mikem

    Another, and much simpler way to increase font size is to go to Settings > Ease of Access and there one can find a multiple ways to make win 10 easier to use.

  6. wes196

    How to get 100% recommended, i got 150% recommended, i want to change the recommended

  7. Cube Hire

    I don't want to use this> I want to edit the size right from windows 10 not some software I need to upload no way!

  8. Joe Satchton

    Old video but just had to comment and rant – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I have been around PCs since the 386 days, personally and professionally. I just ran into yet another INSIPID, INCREDIBLY STUPID ISSUE IN WIN 10 64bit PRO that was making me pull my hair out. And this from someone who was an enterprise sysadmin in their career.

    WHAT THE F*%( was MS thinking when they removed/made it so frickin' complicated to do absolutely simple tasks like change icon spacing on the desktop and by extension, changing icon text label sizes? WHAT THE HELL??

    Originally, I simply wanted to tweak my desktop icon spacing, both horizontally and vertically. A truly trivial task in every Windows OS until Win 10. Now to simply change desktop icon spacing, people need to use Regedit and change some obscure values?? What the hell happened to MS wanting 99% of users to AVOID TOUCHING THE REGISTRY AT ALL COSTS?

    That's only part 1 of the rant.

    After I finally got the desktop icon spacing I wanted [which require me to actually REBOOT THE DAMM MACHINE multiple times!!], I suddenly noticed that my desktop icon text labels had suddenly turned so tiny they were microscopic. I COULD have lived without having text labels on my desktop icons – I COULD have worked around that. But now imagine my surprise when I launched Win Explorer and all of a sudden EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY WIN EXPLORER ICON LABELS WERE EQUALLY MICROSCOPIC AND TINY RENDERING WINDOWS EXPLORER ABSOLUTELY UNUSABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, WHAT THE F$*@???!?!?!?!?!?!

    Which brings me to finding you and this vid and this now INVALUABLE little applet. You and this tiny program turned what was the most miserable nightmare [one that never should have occurred in the first place were it not for MS' sheer stupidity in Windows 10!] into the most simple, elegant fix ever.

    I simply cannot thank you enough. CHEERS!

    Best part is that, while this little program scans safely in multiple security apps, Windows 10 itself dared to give me a warning that it might be "dangerous" upon launch. Truly, the irony is unbearable.

    Windows 10 – honestly, in so many ways, a truly miserable, half-baked OS…

    Cheers again and STAY SAFE….SUBBED!!!

  9. Robert Nitschke

    How fucked up is that? You have to install a 3rd party software to do something we did on all other os's. Garbage Mr Gates

  10. Roger Brenon

    Thank you soooooo much. This is extremely helpful when using a 4K HDR TV. My old eyes can see the text again. All my text was great except the pull down file menus. Fixed with a slide and a click. God bless you for sharing the knowledge.

  11. Myat Htoo

    what about the side rulers for excel? thxx

  12. so you are not able to do it without adding additional software? damn wont work on a company computer

  13. kazim Ali

    Hi there
    am using two languages and what if i want to change the font style of the one language. Arbic

  14. D Gom

    Thanks for the video. I don't understand why Microsoft don't supply this option with their software. Why do we need 3rd party installations for something pretty common and needed? I wonder what else is installed with this "helpful" tools.

  15. This program does not work for me, every time I hit apply the program doesn’t respond. Glad everyone else is happy and got it to work 🙂 I guess things just have to be harder for me, don’t they?

  16. Khun Roger

    Now they want 10 dollars.

    Per year!

    Screw 'em.

  17. Wayne Warmack

    THANK YOU for showing me how to make my system fonts visible for my old eyes. What a blessing!!!

  18. Ak cel

    When I try the software proposed here and I click on "apply", the program does not respond. Great…

  19. this is what exactly i need. i wonder why cant do it on registry manually. as it is hex data on registry too.

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